The Transeekers 

Channeled By

Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 





    In this section we would want to address the difficulty that is being experienced or perceived to be experienced in the transition. Many are re-evaluating what life is all about; many of wealth have material goods and yet seem to want more. There seems to be this desire to continually accumulate and accumulate and hoard and keep to themselves and to get more and more and more.

    There is sufficient for everyone. No one need go without. And yet even those with perceived sufficiency's feel themselves deficient in certain areas. This has all to do with the idea of what you are here to do, what your purpose is, and why you allow yourselves to exist in this reality.

Many see this reality as hostile, unyielding, dog eat dog, and there are many instances where you could point to and say, "This...this is where it is, yes. You see, this is what is going on. This is not fair. This is not right." And you perceive those situations and, true to form, they are there. It is not that you are making this up: they actually are being played out for you to support that belief.

    And through this time of transition, through these days of changes not seen in over many, many, many centuries so drastic the change, so much more awareness, so much more to do that to many it is frightening. And so they recoil, go back in their shell and think that they do not have to be affected. It is not working any more. You cannot do this any more.

    There are more and more discovering that there are concepts, there are ideas that no longer work, are no longer valid. And the pain that is perceived and the suffering and the confusion that is experienced through this altering does not have to be. The degree of that struggle is directly reflected back from the degree of your beliefs.

    As you contemplate your life, if you see your life from the perspective that you have no control, that you are not in control and that the environment surrounds you is what you have to follow, play by those rules, you then will surely feel out of control, and that you are being swept away by circumstances beyond your control. And there are many who will say to you, "Yes, in this situation there was control, but in this one there wasn't. Yes, this situation I knew exactly where the control was, but this other one, well, this one was totally out of my realm."

    How can that be? How can you be totally in control of one aspect and not another? The way you can be is by yourself perceiving that you are in control of one, for it seems logical and it seems plausible, but the other, no, not that, for it seems out of your realm. Technically speaking, there is no difference. If you are in control of one thing, you are also in control of another.

    The question is, which level of your being is it resonating with? Which level is activating that control? Not that you do not have control, but which level is it? One might say, "Well, that is difficult to find out." That is a belief. It is not difficult; it is very simple. Ask. And then someone will say, "Yes, we ask, but how do you trust what you get?" Why would you not trust it? Why would you tell yourself something that is not true? Some would say "Well, it would be wishful thinking." Why would you want to wishful think yourself into a situation? You may not fully believe that you can do it.

    You are still in control. These changes taking place within your existence is not an accident; you are not here because of happenstance; you are here because you chose to be, so there is never a time when you are not in control, and it is most important to understand this during this period, for with the changes occurring, you need to rely on trusting those internal guidance systems that are assisting to help you further what it is that you want to be doing with your talents. And the more you allow yourself to be guided in this fashion and trusted, guess what-the more you are going to receive of the same things, the more you are going to get of those things that you are allowing yourself to tune into.

    In your struggle to see how hard things are, you end up with exactly what you are struggling against-you end up with struggle. Many people find it difficult to believe that if they let themselves go, if they totally trust within themselves and go wherever the spirit moves them, fully within their own integrity, fully sure that they believe this will lead them to rack and ruin, "Into the poor house with you." Can you see, then that if that is your belief, that is what you will get.

    There is no difficult understanding about this; it is really rather simple. And if in your reality during this period of acceleration you are not where you truly want to be, then there are reasons: there are fears and doubts and concerns and no matter how you want to run away from it, it will always be there.

    It is no accident you have chosen this time period. You have an agenda, you have things you want to accomplish. And within the concepts of creating your own reality and accepting responsibility for your talents and trusting within yourself, it will not be difficult to go through this transitory period and accept the many changes that are taking place. Changes, we might add, that not only you have agreed to, but you have initiated.    




    In these ever changing times, reflection is something that can indicate how far you have come within the process of evolution.

And through this reflection, you can find yourself thinking about other eras, other times and how much things truly have changed. However, there are certain things that take much longer to change than others.

And these ideas we would like to address: ideas of prejudice, ideas of jealousy, ideas of judgement-those ideas that were used either to cause fear, uncertainty, insecurity, stemming from the need to control. Those who are controlling are usually more powerful because they are either bigger or have more money or have bigger toys, i.e. weapons.

    And reflecting throughout your history, there has always been a sense that someone was manipulating someone else. And some have pondered the question why-why was it allowed to happen. For some believe that there is a god that would look down and would wish this to happen for some idea of punishment. And so this brought about its own level of anxiety and fear, and of questioning. Why would this be allowed to continue?

    In those times when these things were being done, which they still are to this day, however, it is in a more sophisticated manner, but in essence there is still this fear by those who want to control. There is the fear that if they do not control the masses, the masses will not be able to be responsible. And this has been a fear that has been used and given other names such as the prejudice, the anger, the judgments, the idea of morality being of higher standards for someone than someone else, and viewing those that did not adhere to those standards as less than yourselves.

    Then of course you have your individuals who are starving, who have all manner of diseases. And with this new disease, AIDS, how much judgment has been portrayed and allowed to continue with that one? It has run the gamut from "God is punishing." to "That is all they deserve, for look at their lifestyle." When in actuality it is not a homosexual problem; it is more representative of the fear within that is manifesting without. The fear within is that when something gets a hold of you, you will feel helpless because it is bigger and more complex than you, and then you will succumb to it.

    Many people pride themselves on being religious, which is very good. However, they can get lost in their religion and forget the humanities. It is time to set aside these judgment, these prejudices, not because we say so, not because we are saying that you must; it is because if you continue to venture in that direction you will then by that definition necessitate more anxiety to be placed upon you, more difficulties, more manifestation of that anger to have to be perpetrated upon the planet.

    In the times when these prejudice and judgments were used more freely, more openly, it was a time when many people felt themselves so insignificant that their lives were worthless. They did not feel they had any value. Those times have changed, and more people are becoming more aware of their worthiness. It may not always seem that way, but it is much more so than it ever was. And with that, that is why you are questioning; that is why you are becoming more aware, because you are finding within yourself the worthiness, the desire, the right to be happy and to feel yourself loved.

    And what you are finding are more people that are less willing to impose their lifestyle on other people. Yes, you still have those segments that are wanting to do this; however, they are being shouted down to a large degree. And as that continues, if you allow it to continue, then the necessity for you to fear that you cannot be responsible for your own destiny will no longer have to be there. You can leave that behind, integrate it within yourself, no longer feeding into that fear, but instead generating love, compassion, and thereby look at different things within the society that you can change towards the positive.

    Some think this is going to take a considerable amount of time. It can; however, from our perspective, sensing the energies, you will do it much quicker than you have ever thought possible. For you see, life is meant to be enjoyed, and we have said this over and over again and it does bear repeating: life is not a punishment to you; life is joyous. There may be rough spots; however, those rough spots only indicate that you are moving forward, that you are moving into the direction for you are placing those challenges in front of you so that you can then make your choices.

    Idea of prejudice, idea of fear, idea of judgments, those are all old ideas-ideas that are, in effect, past their prime, no longer truly valid. However, they have been kept alive through the patterns that individuals have allowed themselves to continue to live with. Those patterns are being challenged and being changed. You can choose to look around at your world and love it, for you created it, and then decide for yourself how you want your world to differently encompass all of the positive things that you would want within your life.