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Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 




    My view is quite varied and practical in nature. I learned back in 1979 that we create our own reality, that means that everything within our scope is brought to us by ourselves for one reason or another. It, however, took me seven years to prove it to myself. The proof for me come from a very practical application of the blueprint or grid of 'creating your own reality' and that when I overlay this grid on any event that occurs in my life, I am always able to explain why and what this situation is doing in my life. I am never disappointed or have to make up excuses as to why something has happened. I always find a gift or message within any set of circumstances, leaving me with a sense that I am forever in command of my life. From 1979 I have always been able to get answers for my questions and now it seems that the answers are coming even faster than before.

    From what I have been able to discern we create our reality through our emotions and beliefs which generate that energy into the cosmic soup and thereby create the environment we perceive. The substance within any belief is so strong that the energy projected from a belief contains all of the elements needed in order to fulfill that belief. A strongly held believe will invariably contain every probable situation which will always confirm that particular belief. This is done to reinforce that idea or belief in whatever way is appropriate, even if it means that you will experience a negative outcome. Every belief comes with its own validation mechanism and the validation of that belief will be so convincing that you will naturally believe that you are right. That's the quirky nature of beliefs.

    One can alter and change a belief by consciously reprogramming that particular belief. This can be achieved through several techniques, one is by changing your attitude about a person or situation. However, it doesn't seem to matter what technique you choose, because they all require the same motivation, that is; to want to change because you have identified that the way you are living is no longer working for you. Once I understood this concept it made a lot of sense to me, because it is a true representation of not only free will, but also that you are ultimately and the only one that's responsible for your own actions and destiny.

    Let me give you an example of how one might look at a belief. If you believe that you are not able to achieve what you want, and if you struggle and still cannot achieve it, this might be a belief that has been with you for a long time. One that you probably accepted when you were growing up. Your parents may have said or did something, totally unconscious yet it affected your growth experience. As you grew this particular event was pushed back into the subconscious, yet the behaviour surfaces whenever a situation triggers those emotions of not being able to do things right or that you may not deserve to be happy, or to have success. Remember emotions and beliefs are the very things that shape our reality and then create the events needed to reinforce those emotions and beliefs.

    So the emotions come first (how you felt when that particular event occurred), then you begin to believe that you cannot succeed (that's when you reinforce that particular belief by accepting that as fact), then that belief and emotions are projected into your actions, which in turn ignite the creative energy to present you with your own evidence, i.e. more struggle and unsuccessful attempts at doing something.

    Therefore, the more you believe you are not creative and that you cannot be successful at what you attempt, the more your subconscious is continuing that program, which will continue to show you that you are right, that you cannot succeed. Maybe that's where the saying 'catch 22' came from?

    Anyway, these are but a few of the many thoughts and ideas I have learned and expanded upon over the past 25 years as I continued to investigate this whole metaphysical area.    

Anne Morse