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Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 




Private consultations are arranged by phone, at a day and time to be agreed upon. A session with The Transeekers is an opportunity to have your questions answered. The information you receive can assist you to understand why and how things happen. We offer two lengths of sessions: a 60 minute session (you may want to allow for at least an hour and a half), or an hour and a half session (again you may want to allow for at least two hours). These approximate times include setting up time. We also offer telephone sessions.


Because Anne is in a trance-like state, she has no recollection of the content of the session. A recording is made of the session at no additional cost. You may have a CD mailed or you can have a mp3 through DropBox.


For a private session please call the office to book times or for any additional information.    

60 minute session - $170.00 Taxes Incl. (Canadian Dollars)

90 minute session - $225.00 Taxes Incl. (Canadian Dollars)    


You can contact us at (416) 391-2787