The Transeekers 

Channeled By

Anne Morse

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Anne Morse, Trance Channeler, has been channeling THE TRANSEEKERS since 1985, conducting over 4000 private sessions, as well she holds public and research channeling sessions. This site explores channeling and New Age concepts such as spiritual growth, past lives, psychic phenomenon, meditation, chakras, spirit guides, karma etc. Much of this site has been contributed to by: THE TRANSEEKERS



    Channeling is an updated version of mediumship, and while not new, is quite unique. Channeling requires the redirection of your focus, setting your conscious mind aside. This action creates an opening or channel, which can be utilized by discarnate energies or entities not based in physical reality, yet existing in the non-physical or spiritual realm. 

    However, in Channeling, while similar to medium ship, there are two primary differences: 


(1) The information through Channeling tends to be more focused on what we need to learn about ourselves, how we can more fully understand our reality, and how to achieve all that we desire without struggle or pain. 


(2) There is a definite entity or specific guides that consistently come through. These guides or entities act as teachers offering insights and clarity. They can also act as facilitators in communicating with deceased loved ones or other forms of consciousness energies. 


    The process of Channeling does not involve possession of the body, instead there is a telepathic energy link or connection which takes place between the person channeling and the entities, guides or energies. This telepathic connection from the non-physical entities or guides combined with the channeler's telepathic energy creates the appropriate frequency allowing this type of communication to take place. 

    It is likened to a radio where many stations are being broadcast on many different frequencies, and in order to tune into a particular radio station you need to turn the dial until you find the one you want. Channeling is similar, and when the individual wishes to channel they simply calm their mind and thoughts, and become focused in their intent. This creates a virtual turning of the dial to the appropriate frequency, allowing the conscious mind to shift so that it can receive the information from the non-physical realm. 





    When these non-physical entities started coming through me back in 1985, I decided to call them 'The Transeekers'. From my understanding they are consciousness who exist in the spiritual realm on a plane of existence known as the "Mid-Causal Plane", and as such have access to a broader perspective. The Transeekers conduct their lives with the same goals as we do. Through their interactions with us they too learn more about themselves, and at the same time we learn more about ourselves. The Transeekers, although not currently in physical form, have lived many and varied lives, such as, scientists, astronauts, doctors, lawyers, and many have also existed in future lives.

    The Transeekers' mandate, as I have learned through the years, is primarily totally non-judgmental perspective. They feel very strongly that this is your life, so they never command or dictate what you should or should not do. However, they are eager and excited to provide suggestions and insights to questions that are posed to them. Although The Transeekers' answers are never meant to be the only or final source of your decision making process, their objective is to assist in helping you understand and relate to the daily choices that you make. 

    As far as The Transeekers are concerned, the only difference between them and ourselves is that when we come into this world we choose to forget our spiritual roots along with the personal power that we possess. They do not focus on what is right and wrong, or feel the need to lay blame or judgment; instead, they believe that there are only questions to be answered and experiences to be experienced.