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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 


Telephone Session     


In order to book a private telephone session, you will need to choose between an hour-long session or a one one and half hour long session. Then at a prearranged day and time, you will be called and at that point Anne will go into a trance and you can speak with The Transeekers and ask your questions.

    Your questions can relate to people in your life now, or those in your past. Also areas of career, and anything else which has puzzled you for a long time. You can also explore any past-lives.

    Now, you can ask your questions in any way you want, but I like to offer a slightly different perspective. How you phrase your questions can maximize your time with The Transeekers. There are two types of questions, either general or specific. Here is an example of the same topic asked in a general and in a specific way:

    A general question can look something like this: 

‘What is my love-life going to be like over the next three months?'.

    A specific question would look something like this :  

'I have had three relationships and all have ended the same way. I'm not sure what I have to learn, or what it is that I'm not seeing. Could you please help me understand what I need to change so that I do not repeat this situation’.

    As you can see, the first question is phrased in such a broad manner that it generally requires more explanation, while the specific question gets to the heart of the matter regarding relationships.

    Our clients view The Transeekers as highly evolved teachers with incredible wisdom and understanding, with a unique way of imparting their information. Apart from their own collective knowledge, they connect with your higher self or soul, subconscious and unconscious in order to answer your questions. All sessions are recorded and deleted after 90 days.


Payment for a phone session can be made either through VISA or MASTERCARD. Your credit card number is taken prior to the session, along with your address. A CD is mailed to you, or you can have a mp3 through DropBox.     


For a phone session please call the office to book times or for any additional information.    

60 minute session - $170.00 Taxes Incl. (Canadian Dollars) 

90 minute session - $225.00 Taxes Incl. (Canadian Dollars) 


We would be glad to answer any other questions you may have, just e-mail me. To book a session, please call us at:

(416) 391-2787. If you call and reach our answering machine, just leave your name and number with a time that you will be available and we will get back to you as soon as possible.