The Transeekers 

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Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 


JOURNEYS - How it all began 


I am called a trance channeler, and while in a trance-like state, my consciousness is diverted from its usual orientation, allowing highly evolved teaching personalities to speak through me. I have called these discarnate entities The Transeekers.

    My journey through metaphysical teachings has taken from feeling out of control, to a place of peace and calm. I was angry, frustrated, unhappy, and felt that I meant very little in the scheme of things. Then at the age of 31 I met a woman who changed my perspective on life. Although I was skeptical and not entirely open at the time, this individual spoke of reincarnation, and that we were the creators of our reality. She went on to say that we literally choose everything that happens to us. Needless to say I found this hard to believe, but she insisted that I read a book called "The Seth Material", channeled by a woman named Jane Roberts. Two chapters into the book I felt as if I had come home, and it was these series of books that brought me out of an emotional darkness and into the light.

    In February 1985 I was introduced to an ancient Chinese healing meditation called Chi Gong. It is said to promote the movement of energy throughout the body, and it was during these sessions that I allowed my mind to relax, and let my inner intuitiveness flow. Many times during the sessions I felt as if I were floating or levitating. My arms and hands would move of their own accord, and soon I was standing and moving in motions of T'ai Chi and Kung Fu, which my instructors had seldom seen.

    Near the end of my contracted sessions, I believe it was around number thirty-five, a strange thing began to occur. Since I was use to my body moving I was not concerned when, while the rest of my body stood motionless, my mouth began to move and at the same time I involuntarily began to say words like "Su, Chu, and Chi". You can imagine just how strange this felt. Soon, however, the words became rhyming sentences, undirected by my conscious mind, and it was at that point that I realized I needed to know exactly what was happening. Immediately I arranged for a session with a trance-channeler just to ensure that I was not going mad. It was then that I found I had opened myself up to communication with my higher self. As I found out later, this was an initial contact setting me up for what was to follow. It was shortly thereafter that The Transeekers began speaking through me.

    Subsequently many people, who have interacted with the Transeekers, have found them to be loving, caring, supportive and helpful in their insights and advice, so much so that not only did they come back, but they brought their friends. Am I still searching? Of course! I have, however, stopped asking where it will lead. For whatever my destination, I am enjoying my journey. What we choose to accept, or reject, is up to ourselves. In the final analysis we are the product of what see and hear that lead us to our beliefs. Finding the truth, whatever that truth may be, depends on challenging those very beliefs.

The Transeekers and I wish you love in your search.

You will surprise yourself!