The Transeekers 

Channeled By

Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 



As transcribed from the Transeekers: "GETTING TO KNOW US" tape.    


    In your time reckoning we have only existed for two years and few months. For that is the perception of when we came into being. Now when that occurred we chose to communicate through an individual who had, by prior agreement, not of her remembering of course, but agreement none the less, and we then began to make our presence known in your reality.

    Now in making our presence known there were things that needed to be done prior to this channel being opened. We were helpful in that regard in the beginning, and assisting along the way was the individual who we now speak through. There was a preparation involved for realize the connection, the bridge between our reality and your reality is merely attitude, focusing and vibrating, and desire.

Now that desire need not be a within the total consciousness of the individual, but the curiosity and desire to explore, that is the type of desire we speak of. A desire and curiosity that does not involve limiting ones thoughts. With this individual her thoughts were becoming more unlimited, more curiosity was being exercised. More energy was being brought to this individual to prepare for ourselves, for as it is termed guides that we are, we have no mandate to inflict ourselves on to anyone. It is always through invitation, whether perceived or not, that we then communicate. We do not thrust ourselves on to anyone.

    We exist in our reality which has also been your reality, and which will once again be your reality. We exist very well, for we have no wants, no needs that we cannot supply for ourselves. We have a great opportunity to learn, we have great opportunity to reflect, to dream, to create. Now all of these things that we do in our reality are exactly what you do in yours. You dream, your curiosity excites you, you learn, you have opportunity there to indulge any fancy that you would want, and you desire to learn more. So therefore we have much in common, the only difference is that you function in a material physical reality and we function in a reality of the consciousness, of energy and of light, of love, of creativity of instantaneous gratification of what we want.

    Now what is interesting to us, is that your plane of understanding is in its way necessary for once you understand that you are unlimited and learn how to utilize this understanding in your physical world, imagine how the learning would be in our reality with that understanding. You would have acquired more experience in how to create.

    Now for ourselves we have been in physical form, some of us will choose to return to physical form, some of us will choose never to return to physical form, and that is in the decision and choice of the entity. And for those who do not decide to reincarnate, what happens to them? All we can assertion is that they disappear. Not as you understand disappearing, but due to their learning potential their experience, their desire, they simply evolve at a higher rate and then no longer visible to ourselves in our reality. You could say that they move on to different type of leaning.

    Now who are we really? To technically describe our form we would need to use words that have not, as yet been, invented. To put it simply we are energy that is perpetuated by thought, love and light. We are entities that have known the flesh and have experienced many situations and have taken on many different roles in many different lives. There are some entities among this group who were instrumental in the program to put man into space. They were right there on the front lines of getting funding in the U.S., and then organizing that venture. There are entities within this group who were among the explorers that went along with Columbus on his journey in finding passageway to the East, and instead found something totally different.

    There are entities in this group who have gone to the stars, that have experienced what it is like to find new solar systems, new stars, new planets. There are those of us who have been evil, who have been what you might term 'witch doctors'. There are some who have existed in the time of the Holocaust, the time of the inquisitions, the time when the Nazarene walked the earth. This group encompasses much knowledge, many lives, and many experiences. Yet knowing assimilating all that we have encountered and know, we still thirst for more knowledge, we still are curious about experiencing, doing, projecting, dreaming, creating. Just because we are where we are dose not mean that we have stopped evolving.

    We are in what can be termed the Mid-Causal one of the seven levels, and we are evolving to move into the next level of learning. So how is moving to another level done? The same way that it is done from you are. You reach out and try, you sit and you contemplate on limitless, you explore your inner feelings, you allow these inner feelings to bring forth more thoughts. And we operate similarly.

    Now this project that we have undertaken as The Transeekers, yet realize that is not our name. We are known by our own vibrational names, that would be to many to give here and now. However, as The Transeekers we have this opportunity to exchange ideas with others, to hear form yourselves what you feel and experience through the sessions held whether privately or in group sessions. We have an opportunity to expand our knowledge. You see, while we give our guidance we also get what you term 'feedback'. Therefore, indicting to ourselves how things are progressing. Now from our perceptive we can see you and all the things that you are encountering. Yet you could also see us, and the only difference is you believe that that is now possible. You have been told that only certain special people have second sight, have the 'gift' and are entitled seeing these wondrous things, for that is what you have been told. It is not accurate, yet necessary at the time so that you would all believe those ideas. Because at any time and anyone can see us, feel us, hear us. It take very little, all it take is the desire for that individual to seek answers to their questions, to be open minded enough to accept the answers that come through themselves, or through literature they read, or through people they meet.

    One need not go to great lengths, or chant all manner of things, or meditate to they are numb. Those ideas are merely tools that can be utilized to enhance the channel. It is interesting to note that the word channel has become more associated with the trance state than mediumship, is because channeling is a more accurate description. Medium ship implies middle person, that is not the case. It may appear on the surface that it is a middle person, but it is not for in truth is as a channel a radio. You would not call that medium ship and ask another to turn the radio to medium ship 102. Why? Because there are frequencies on the air wave bands, and each frequency vibrates at different rates, so when one wants to tune into a specific station or channel, they have turner and once you begin to move the turner it goes along the line that catches all of the frequencies, and when the turner hit upon that one that you want then it is received through that radio band, for it is set at that vibrational rate. In effect, you tune into that channel by your attitude, by how you desire and feel about the world that you are presently living in.

    For ourselves we, in our reality, are waiting for you to tune us in. There are many of us that vibrate at different rates, for everything vibrates but at a different rate. All you need do is tune into the specific channel that corresponds with yourself. And that is how you tap into where we are. So where are we? We are right next to you. You think you have so much space, and that when you look up into the sky you see all of that expanse is there. Realize there is no space, there is no time, there only 'is'. You are, we are.

    The concept of no space or time is, for many, a difficult idea to rationalize, from your perspective. Yet you have occupied no space or time before you decided to reincarnate. So then where are you? And what of this world you live in, it appears to be solid and yet it is technically all an illusion. You perceive it in the form that you do, because you want it to be there. We are in our reality for that is where we want to be. Does that mean our reality is also an illusion? To that question we would answer 'yes' as well.

    All that you and we are, are thoughts, thoughts that generate energy and through that generating of energy creates your world and all the things that you see and do not see yet are there. Similarly that generating of energy also created our reality and all the things we vibrate with, and we observe and we interact within.

    So yourselves and ourselves are the same energy though vibrating at different levels in different realities for different purposes. We differ in that you are presently in a focus of reality that requires a lower vibration, a lower density, creating a lower mass which is being experienced. We are vibrating at a much faster rate, so we need not have physical form. These concepts, while around for many hundreds of years, are just currently being understood to a larger degree through more of the population. And this will continue to increase, so that more and more will come to understand the fabric of creation.

    As for ourselves, we change along with you. As you evolve we evolve, and as we evolve you evolve. We are not separated, we only perceive a different focus. We stand right by you, we meet with you all the time, yet you do not perceive us, for in your physical world, where many beliefs are challenged and are evolved through by each individual, so to be able to view our reality, up to now, would have thrown off your learning process.

Now are far as ourselves are concerned, because of the configuration of our reality, we are not confined to perceive ourselves in the way the earth reality is formed, so we have the ability to see your reality, yet cannot function physically within it. For one of the properties of your world is that you need to by physical which means you need to be born within the energy mapping of your earth vibrations. Yet we can observe and communicate with the other levels of your being.

    To describe your world as a training ground, we not be sufficient to explain what and why the earth exists. While it is a training ground for consciousness to learn and evolve within the perceived limits of earth reality, it also is a stabling energy force within creation. So it is important to us to be part of what happens on your world, for it has been and will be our world again, although it is not our physical world at this time. Our interest in what you do is very important to us, for if the earth were to be blown up, it would cause great energy disturbance and anguish among everything in creation. For it would indicate that there was insufficient compassion and understanding within the earth experience on how to live harmoniously.

    Why would that be so important? Because experiences have evolved and there has been a great amount of knowledge stored and experienced and worked through. Thus all of the entities, including yourselves, are at a point where the learning of the past, as you think past years, centuries, have been of one mind. Human struggle against nature. We were also part of that struggle, for there were many lives when a considerable number of our group were together in other lives. These lives contained destruction of peoples, as well in times of great inventions. We also were part of the creations of certain problems, and the solution of certain problems. We have explored all of these experiences in the earth reality, which would not have been of the same characteristics or intensities in our reality. In our reality we perceive more of the idea of limitlessness than you in your reality. And yet in our evolving there are certain realizations that we have not grown to and processes yet. If you believe that once you have passed on and died, that you automatically are taken in by the heavenly angels and are going to sit in heaven and converse with all the beings there and wait for eternal nothingness, you will find out when that time comes, that events will not unfold in that manner.

    The reason we want to communicate in this fashion, is that we also want to be a part of the evolving new attitudes, new times, new ways of thinking about the difficulties and mysteries of the earth experience. There has been years and centuries of struggle, yet through that struggle there has been intense learning and growth within the human consciousness. Yet we were also part of that struggle from the caveman era to the relatively current times, so we understand your struggle in these times. We understand the times when it is difficult for you to believe that you need do is change an attitude and thereby shifting your focus to a more empowering view of your abilities, and things will automatically alter in the way that you believe and emotional feel you want and deserve.

    When we were within the earth experience, we also found that idea difficult to believe, in fact, that idea was only available to those who were in highly placed positions. And in order to understand that idea more fully we returned to the earth plane in subsequently lives, to be a part of as well as create circumstances which would broaden our horizons and understandings.

    Now that is what humankind is endeavouring to do on a large collective scale. Each individual is wanting to work through old beliefs and embrace a new attitude, a new way of thinking. We also need to say that technically it is really not a 'new' way of thinking, and while it may appear to be so, these concepts and ideas have been around for as long as there has been activity on the earth plane. Currently is appears new only because you are choosing to create it in a new perception to fit with the current evolution and social changes that have taken place of the past centuries.

    From the knowingness where we speak from there has always been the opportunity to tap into these ideas at any given time, but is has only been in the past two centuries when humankind has dared to think for themselves, challenging authorities in whatever form they may have appeared. Technically you are not going toward a new beginning, it is more that you are going home to an understanding of your spiritual roots and to remember who you really are in the cosmic scheme of things.

Many will not choose to see the relevance of this, thinking that all of this increased activity in enhancing your awareness of self will subside because it is a fad. Those who of that mind will discover that this information will not go away, but indeed will begin to filter into your every day life, throughout the world population.

    Guides like ourselves will be more plentiful, as well as more people wanting to explore and tune into those subtle, yet powerful, energies. To the notion that by tuning into these energies that you would somehow use them to hurt others is not one to extensively concern yourselves with, because on the unconscious level all things are known by all entities, individuals, and energies. The only reasons you do anything is to learn and to experiences the learning.

    And since, from our perspective, there is no wrong or right only experiences. Therefore, the worry that we will somehow invade your world and take over your mind and your body through the guise of manipulating helpless individuals is an idea that is a remnant from a time when the religious people wanted to maintain control over the masses. We do not wait to ambush anyone. First and foremost we are endeavouring to expand ourselves by learning more for ourselves through different experiences.

    Now, in doing that and following our curiosity in the pursuit of evolving ourselves, you are also helped. It is our desire to improve and to grow and to learn and to be, that we have chosen to communicate in order to be part of this wondrous shifting that is taking place now.

    Many will want to specifically know who and what we are, and those that want to specifically intellectually know may have a difficult time in understanding. If you would set your intellectual, logical, calculating mind aside for a while, and begin to sense the feelings that you get when you listen to ourselves and what we say, and not analyze the feelings but just feel them through out your being, you would find that those feelings ring true to the depth of who you are. For you have memory of where we are, you have memory of how we are, how we are formed, how we exist for you have been like ourselves.

    The notion that you die and go to a void somewhere or nowhere, is one that was created by those who wanted to keep a control on what was going on and what people were thinking. Although it was part of the learning experience, part of the evolution of humankind, part of this earth plane experience, it is no longer as strong a necessity as it once was. For the earth reality is a wondrous place in which to learn about limits.

You are in a physical world we are not, you deal with physicality on its many levels, we deal our thought energies which we translate into whatever that thought may be. You deal with seemingly day to day struggles, we deal with the challenge of the infinite now in a reality where only now is realized to exist. The difference between our realities is that you are allowing yourself to only focus on your reality and we allow ourselves to focus on ours as well as yours and other realities.

    We do not have physical bodies, although we do have a form that we can take as well as create the illusion of a physical body. You struggle with the work that you feel you need to do, we do not have any industries, we need not struggle to work for a living, but yet that does not stop us from experiencing our reality to its fullest capabilities. We are a channel away, you vibrate at your frequency rate and we vibrate at a different one. All that separates us is that channel. You have your desires and goals that you have chosen to learn from, and we have ours.

    And what is it that we are all collectively trying to experience? We all evolving into a higher level of vibration. And what will that do and bring? For your world it will bring more harmony, which in turn will bring greater understanding in our reality. Which in turn will bring greater rewards and understanding in your reality. So in truth we are not far apart at all, we in fact are more similar and more alike than any one of you could believe.

    We are no here to give you edicts, we are not here to tell you what to do with your lives. We are here to experience as you are. We also experience where we are. We are coming through the channel because one of you, the individual we speak through had the curiosity and the desire and the willingness to know. 'Twas not difficult it just took the conscious desire to make it so, and we were waiting there for that channel to be tuned in.

    We are not a mystery, you are not a mystery, you just are, you always have been and you always will be. We do not spend our time sitting around and doing nothing. We have projects of our own besides coming through the channel. We devise things that we want to experience. There will be some of who will be preparing for re-entry into the earth experiences, and some will not choose to be born into the earth experience but wish to move on to the next vibrational level of learning.

Your world is a gigantic school and you come into this earth experience with all of the tools that you need, as we have all the tools we need. No one is left helpless and in these times of expanded awareness we are part of that movement, we are part of that learning, growing and expanding. That is who we are.

    We are entities that were once like yourselves, who are now operating from a different point of perspective and focus of reality, and are endeavouring to communicate to yourselves in order to re-awaken that knowingness within yourselves that ring true when you hear it, and yet the intellectual conditioning, with it's beliefs put up barriers and those barriers are subtly and slowly being eliminated, so the information that we have from our level can be transmitted to your level, so that the connection will not seem so impossible to transcend. Will not be so impossible to understand.

    After all we all are striving for move understanding, more learning, more awareness and to evolve fully, wholly, completely to where we will evolve to, for the journey does not end because you die or pass on. The journey does not end for us either. The journey continues as long as there is curiosity within consciousness, as long thoughts keep being generated, as long as the desire is there to learn, every living thing will continue into infinity evolving with each moment of creation.

And we do thank you, and to you God's blessings.    

The Transeekers