The Transeekers 

Channeled By

Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 





    This being the 9th Philosophy Statement, we would take this most auspicious opportunity to coincidentally speak about our perception of the significance of the #9. This is the number of completion, of success, of accomplishments. And that is what we will touch upon: how to accomplish what you need, or have chosen to accomplish.

    Accomplishing and manifesting what you want, what you need is not difficult. There are steps and techniques involved, to help. Affirmations will also help. Through the meditative state, this will help.

    What is the key, and what is at the core of this is very simple, it is believing that you are creating this, all that you see around you. This at times is difficult for many. There are times when you think you understand all there is to understand in creation, you have that burst of insight, and then it escapes you. And at moment that it escapes you, it is exactly when you bring to yourself the reflection of the doubt, then through doubt it subsides only to come up again another day.

    There are sensitive, powerful energies that are responsive to your needs and wants. They also, however, respond to your doubts. And yes, in a time when things look bleak, in a time when people are losing jobs, in a time when violence is on a rampage, at a time when things seem so uncertain you can look around and say, "Well, what is there that is good? Why would I even want to claim that I created this?" That is a fair statement, and one that you have the right to express. However, it does not change the reality that this is your creation, each and every one of you.

    And how do you accomplish what you want in an atmosphere of negativity? Realize that it is not only negativity that is there; you can also look and find the good. You can also look and appreciate everything around you. There is something you can do, for you control your mind. Yes, you are influenced, yes you can be persuaded, yes you can be manipulated if you choose. And all of those have that prerequisite: you have to choose to allow this, whether it is a conscious decision or an unconscious decision. It has to come from you.

    And to achieve what you want, to accomplish and complete what it is you have come into this existence to do, we offer the following:


1) Creating this reality is your responsibility.

2) Because it is your creation and your responsibility, you can change it.

3) You change it by altering your ideas and perception.

4) You can always find negativity quickly. Believe that you can find the positive just as quickly.

5) It takes more energy to create negative than positive.

6) All you need do is let yourself be trusting and guided by your inner knowingness.

7) You will always find the power within, for you are connected with All That Is.

8) There is nothing to fear, for you are master of all you survey and all you create. How can you fear anything?

9) You are of God, of All That Is. You are of Love, unconditionally. It is through desire, through unconditional love, through trusting and knowing and believing that you can alter anything you want because you choose to. This is all coming from you and it is worthy of manifesting, and that you are important, nothing can stand in your way. And there will be a point where even you will not be able to stand in your own way.

    And so we close on that note, you can use these points as you contemplate about many things. When your reality reflects all that you want in that instant you want it without any doubts, then you will know that you have cleared all fears and issues, and you will then understand and at that point look back and wonder why was this was ever considered a problem. Why was it ever in doubt- your abilities, your marvelous, magnificent power.    




    In your music culture there has been a song called "Feelings". And feelings are going to be extremely important in the coming times.

Now, what do feelings have to do with philosophy? In truth, everything, for through feelings you develop the ideas of philosophies, of concepts, of methods to govern the soul, the spiritual sense, the morals, and the cultures. Your feelings are what move you, what motivate you, and feelings can be those things which you bury the deepest and keep away from yourself the longest.

    In the coming years, there will be a shift that already has begun towards how one person feels as opposed to what they think. Primarily, it has been "What do you think?" You are now hearing more, "What do you feel?", for feelings are, along with desire, that which is the fuel that generates your movements, your projections. And most find that feelings are one of the most difficult things to understand. People do things for many, many reasons, and those reasons are based on feelings. How you feel dictates your attitude, your thinking processes and ultimately how you interact with others.

    There are benefits to not feeling. There are benefits to feeling. The benefit to not feel is that you believe you will not be hurt, you will not show your vulnerability; therefore, you will not be tricked, and therefore you will not find yourself alone and wanting. However, the benefit of understanding your feelings, and not burying them and opening them up have a different energy to them and the benefits are more expansive and inclusive.

    There is nothing wrong with doing either. However, if you are striving for happiness, peace and harmony, when you hold your feelings so rigidly and you are afraid to be heard and you need to protect yourself, you will always be looking over your shoulder. You will always be wondering, "Well, what does this person want? Are they really telling the truth? I cannot show my feelings." These will be some of the things you will say, and have said. And yet, that type of thinking closes energy. It does not allow for the openness; it does not allow for inclusiveness.

    You are coming to a point where you are going to choose which you prefer. We understand that for many people this type of either/or decision is not something they enjoy, for they would like to maintain their place on the fence, for it has become comfortable even though it is a picket fence. And even though it is made out of wood, with all the splinters, they still sit on the fence. You also at certain times have found that fence quite comfortable. All have, and it is a very popular fence, and a popular way of dealing with (or not dealing with) an issue.

    In these times, those that find themselves comfortable on the fence, we suggest they begin to look down to the base of the fence and you will see a chainsaw. Bit by bit the fence, from the bottom, is being eroded, and eventually you will find that you will be on ground, solid ground and not on any fence. And you will need to make your choices, and that is why you are becoming so aware of ideas, concepts and the philosophies of the various thinkings and theories of who you are and why you are.

    We suggest you investigate the many philosophies. There are books on the various subjects. Do your homework, for you are part of the philosophy. It is nothing without you. How can you have a philosophy without people to adhere to it, to talk about it, to reject it, to interact with it or not? There is no philosophy without you. And so we again suggest you might want to investigate the different types of ideas and start to think about them. And if you find yourself on that fence, whether you choose to move from it of your own accord or whether you are going to wait until the fence is no longer there, either way is absolutely acceptable, yet it will happen, it will occur.

    So, it is up to yourselves. You see, you own the philosophies. You originated them. Realize, some of you were there with Socrates. Some of you were there with Christ. Some of you were there with Moses. Some of you were there with Buddha, with Mohammed, with all the masters, with all of the enlightened, with all of the thinkers. You have been, through the reincarnation, moving forward through successive lives, you have kept the philosophies alive: they are yours. Enjoy them. Work with them. And then find it within yourself, the one or the several, or the different portions of all that resonate with you and using your good minds find out for yourselves.