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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 





    In discussing philosophies, there have been numerous kinds of philosophies-ideas that come from cultures, comes from societies, come from the need to think, and therefore you are. You do think; therefore, you create yourself to be-to be whatever it is that is necessary for you to be.

Now, why is it necessary for you to be? The necessity comes into your never-ending desire to create, create opportunities where you can expand your awareness. And in line with that kind of thinking, the next step is what is reality, and how do you function in it, and the philosophy behind that.

    Reality is an illusionary-based activity that translates into realness, reality. You really are in the reality. You create it so perfectly, so beautifully, and you screen yourselves from seeing that it is an illusion. And with this illusion, you come up against many obstacles, many perceived limits that you then set yourself a goal to overcome.

    In your thinking, there are times when to take responsibility for your choices is not pleasant and oft times there are difficulties with that, for your reality is so real that it really does look like somebody else is out to get you, that it is somebody else's fault, that if only that somebody wasn't standing in your way, you would be able to do great things. If only you had more money. If only you could show someone what you could do. If only someone would listen. If only your parents would listen. If only.

    And so with that perceived obstacle, limits, the individual creates an atmosphere where they constantly have to test this, this reality, this belief. And so you create scenario after scenario, circumstances after circumstances on the one hand to keep supporting that belief, and on the other hand to show you and reflect back to you that that is your belief and if you want to change it, you'll change the circumstances that you find yourself in.

    Now, this type of philosophy was not fully explored in the way that it is being explored. In earlier times the belief for most was "You are in this environment; therefore, you must belong somehow" with the overtones of a god that would look down and look after everybody except those that were bad and then this god would do something to them, something quite unpleasant.

    However, when that type of thinking was accepted, there was always one wise person or joker in the group who would say "But wait a minute. I'm doing everything right and I still get heaped on. Is there some rule I'm missing?" For you see, the idea that god punishes those who are evil or sends them all manner of trouble, how does it translate to those who are good who also get all manner of trouble? Then another philosophy had to spring up to answer that one: "Well, you are being tested by God." You see, "Stay good and God will send you all the pestilence, all of this horrible thing, but you still have faith because this is a test from God." And they believed it. You believed it. Some still do.

    Some still pray to the God that is heaping all sorts of unpleasantness upon them and thanking them for this wonderful opportunity. Just as much as God is heaping all manner of unpleasantness to those who are "bad". And after a few centuries of this, the one who is doing all the good stuff is kind of getting tired of it.

    You are getting tired of that type of philosophy, for you see, that type of philosophy only gets you so far, to the point where you say "Enough. Something wrong with this picture."

    And so then a concept, an idea that has always been milling around somewhere, somehow, in some form, not fully expressed, not fully formed, but somewhere in the back of the mind, there, concept that slowly found its way out into book form, out into the light, is now bringing a new philosophy that is termed "new", a philosophy that speaks to the issue of choice, decisions, responsibility and whose are they-whose responsibility, whose choice, who is it that decides.

    Well, dear friends, you are the final say in what you choose to do. All of your thoughts after reading this are racing to all of those incidents where you firmly believed you had nothing to do with it. There is no way you could have controlled it; there is no way you were the one responsible because it appears to be so far afield that it could not have been you. Again we stand by the statement, "You are the one who makes the choice; you are the one who makes the decision, and you are the one who is ultimately responsible for it."

    The philosophy of that, where do you think it would lead? Let your imagination run wild. That is freedom, when you take the responsibility of your choices and of your decisions and you learn and you expand from them and then in another time you make a different choice because it is more suitable for you, without fear, without doubts, without concerns, confidently-that's freedom, and that is the idea of philosophy throughout the ages, always wanting to bring a little extra, a little light, shedding its light on the consciousness of man, the consciousness of all individuals who have chosen to walk through the time frame that has been on the earth plane.

    Philosophy will always be. However, you are finally beginning to trust yourselves enough to be told where the base is in who you are, no matter what dimensionality you are in, no matter where you focus, no matter what lifetime, no matter if it is even in the in-between stages. You always are responsible for your choices and your decisions, and you like it that way because that's freedom.    THE TRANSEEKERS



    When one speaks of philosophy and of philosophers, lofty ideas come trickling into the mind and many put it aside only to be examined at certain times.

    Now, there are many who think of philosophy as merely something to contemplate; however, philosophy spawns concepts; concepts spawn civilizations, and so on.

    What is a philosophy but an idea? An idea that can either be translated into reality or an idea that can be sent elsewhere and be realized in another dimension-ideas are created and ideas are expressed. You cannot kill an idea, for it will actualize in some fashion, in some dimension, in some reality. So ideas strung together in a particular way create a particular philosophy.

    What is important to realize is that philosophy does not have to be something that you cannot relate to on a day-to-day basis.

Now, sticking true to a particular philosophy, excluding all else, holds restrictions that you may not really want. Some restrictions look very good; some restrictions keep you from risking; some restrictions allow you to think and to take time before you act.

    Now, to the philosophy, to the idea, the concept of everything occurring simultaneously, now there are many references made to this, even in the language: "No time like the present"-literally 'no time' like the present. "There is no time but the present." "You had better get it done now. Why wait? Do it now!"

    There are many ideas that have been spawned around this concept of 'now' and simultaneous existence, but what does it really mean for you? How can it assist you? What can you glean from this that you can apply to your everyday life, your everyday experience as you interact in different relationships? How does it assist you to understand and know the concept of now being the only time you have?

    In future philosophy discussions we will speak to the issue of 'one life to live' and the idea of karma, the idea of reincarnation: they all are ideas, they all are of merit and value. However, at this time the concept of oneness, in the now and simultaneous existence is an issue that needs certain dialogue.

    Now is the only time you have. And what do we mean by now? We mean the moment that you are reading this, the moment that you are reading these words. read..this...moment...'now'.

    You would say, "But every minute has a moment, and so how can each moment be the only moment that we have? We remember the moment before, we remember all those things that went before. We take for granted and assume that there will be a moment after this moment, so what do you mean by 'this moment', and how can it include everything simultaneously, now?"

    It is precisely because you can only act in this moment that we can say that there is nothing but this moment. Act physically on an event that you did yesterday. We mean by that, to go back to yesterday and act on it. How can you do that? In your mind you can do that, but in physicality, no. How can you act on something in the future?

    All you have is now. There is a fluidness to creation and through that fluidity you can tap into all the different nows in your memory. But the now that is the power, the now that is the important has now, for from this point, you literally think your past up and you think your future forward. You go nowhere, you do nothing, you project.

    Take a hologram, for example. It seems three dimensional, it seems real, and your technology is going to create holograms which will be totally amazing-totally. But take that hologram. Putting your hand through it, you will go through it. There is nothing solidly there. It looks solid.

    What is actually going on when a hologram is created? You have light, you have crystal, you have different deflection and an image is created because an image is projected into that light and it then becomes life-like.

So you see, in a sense your mind is that crystal, that light. Your mind takes a picture, projects it, and it then feels like real. And each moment you do that. So in each moment you can create any new hologram you want-any new representation of who you want to be. Any new idea can be given life now.

    This concept is one that may take, for some, more thinking, more pondering, more time. But then again, you have all the time that you need; you create it. Do not fear the time. Time is not an enemy, but a friend, and you are learning to utilize it consciously. You are learning to do more in less time, for, you see, time is fluid, for you are fluid. And in the now, everything is occurring, everything is a projection from you.

    This idea, while there are some that understand it, there are many more who are attempting to understand it, and will succeed. And when it is understood that everyone has the same power, the same ability, you will no longer want to hurt each other physically, you will not longer want to be angry with each other, you will no longer want to feel yourself having to defend yourselves from each other.

    And how creating in the now applies to the one idea? It connects with the infinite creator, the oneness, all that is. All That Is encompasses everything, now. All That Is is the concept of creation, love, light and now. In a sense, you have been created from the now, from the one, from All That Is, and are an extension of an ever-expanding, ever-growing, ever-creative aspects of All That Is, of the Infinite Creator.

    You are love, and love is the only thing that creates, that expands, and that holds everything together. Love contains everything in it, for that is what you are: Love-created of love, by love and for love. The light that shines from All That Is, God, is the light that you are. You are a reflection of All That Is.

    Allow your dreams to show you the brilliant and marvellous entities that you are, with love and light and floating ever strongly towards peace.