The Transeekers 

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Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 





    What is the use of art in society? Where does art play the part in life? Yes, you look at a painting and the philosophy behind looking at a painting is that, "Well, the painter had something in mind." You, however, can look at it and receive a totally different impression from it. And yet when you walk away, how has that impression, how has that painting altered your life or enriched it or in some way influenced it? Or a piece of music, or a sculpture-how do these artistic endeavours, how do they translate into value in life? Actors, singers, where is their value in life?

    In the discussion and exploration of philosophy, let us suggest that the value in art is the value in creativity. Art stems from creative abilities, creative desires, creative needs. Creation demands creativity, as all creation expects is to be created over and over and over again in many different forms. The arts are going to play, and have played throughout the years, a significant role in society. They are going to, however, increase that role. That does not mean that pieces of art are going to go for billions and trillions of dollars; it means that the appreciation of what art is doing in your life is going to be understood and made clear.

    You have to have art in some way, shape or form. You have chosen on the earth plane to have it in these forms. Other planets, other dimensions have different expressions of art, of creativity. And so your society is going to slowly become more and more aware that it is that art imitates life, that life moves forward and the arts you use as a reflective tool to bring to you not only what is going on, what has been, what can be and the value that you feel when you express yourself in an artistic way.

    Everything you do is done artistically and creatively. It does not matter how you execute it, how perfect one things it is, or imperfect. You create; that's art. You open your eyes and walk down the street, moving your feet in the way you do, that's art. You are poetry in motion. All your senses are geared to create through the talents of your desires.

    In examining life and exploring it, take a second look at some of the art: how do you feel when you look at something? If you cannot feel anything, you may ask yourself why. There needs to be something there: either you dislike it or you like it or you are really not that excited about it, yet it isn't a total blank-there is something.

    Also, when you hear a piece of music, be it pop, rock or long-haired music, the masters in that area of music that is the classical nature mastered the different tonalities and placements of the notes and all the different emotions that are felt within any classical piece. The same precision is transferred by those in the pop area, for the notes are the same, they are rearranged differently, and they give a different feeling. Art translates into feeling; feeling translates back to art. You cannot do one without the other. Even if you slap something together, the motivation or doing it is a feeling, and it is there.

    So those who are interested in exploring their creative abilities, look to the arts, see what excites you, include some form of art in your everyday life, in some fashion, whether you do it or whether you view it. Allow yourself to feel the creative energies that come through you again and again; you will then make the connection even more strongly with the art that you engage in when you open your eyes, when you move your hand, when you take a walk, when you take a breath.

    You are literally creation in motion. That is why art and the sciences and the philosophies and all of these other areas, it all hangs together, it is all vital, for you are all of these things and art has a specific message that it brings back to you over and over again. You need it; it is an expression of your creative abilities, and the idea of moneys, whether they are necessary to put towards that aspect as opposed to more practical endeavours, let us suggest that through desire, creativity and expression, those practical everyday needs will always be met. You need not sacrifice your creativity for practicality.    THE TRANSEEKERS



    Now, in the area of philosophy and deep thinking and expanded ideas there are many ideas put forth throughout the ages of those which are now currently called extraterrestrials. This idea has permeated all of your literature in one way or another, even within the covers of your most holy book, the Bible, they speak of chariots of fire, flying objects moving through the sky at great speed and those who would come down as angelic form with shiny uniforms, shiny clothing and do miraculous things. Even in your caves of ancient times there are depicted there images of individuals who would seemingly be wearing helmets of sorts, as much the same way as your astronauts donned when they went into space.

    Now, as philosophy goes, as ideas go, as of yet there is no en mass conscious physical proof, unequivocal proof as of yet. However, behind closed doors, away from the public eye and understood by a relative few, there is proof, there are documents, there are actual physical evidence which cannot be explained in your known reality.

    And so this idea, we would share with you thoughts about extraterrestrial intergalactic communication with your reality. Your reality is immensely important in the scheme of things, for your reality has been created, and has continued to be created for its unique approach to working with and understanding the idea of limits-limits in what you can do, limits in what you can say, limits in what you can believe. And throughout your ages, you have been consistently visited by others who are of a different reality who are working with different parameters, who have a different focus. They have left at certain times information to assist your evolution. And at those times they were considered to be gods.

    They were held up as idols and they were worshipped which, in effect, is not what they wanted, the extraterrestrials; however, it is very hard to tell someone that thinks you're a god, that you're not, when all they can see is that you can do wondrous things that they have no idea how you are doing them.

    And so at those times, it was not easy for the extraterrestrials to keep the equal balance that they had hoped they could achieve. And so they withdrew to come back another time to interact, found virtually the same thing and left once more. And this has gone on for a long time. You might well ask, "Well what is different at these times?" And what is different is that you as individuals and as a collective global consciousness are at a point where you will be able to accept your own power and be able to accept on an equal footing others from other dimensionalities that are creating their reality in a different way than you so that you can share-they can learn and you can learn; they can teach and you can teach.

    Many philosophers have pondered about if there is life on any other planet or in any other part of the universe or the universes. Now we can tell you unequivocally, yes, there are other life forms, other life thought, other consciousnesses and other essences and other entities. Why then have your scientists with their telescopes and their radio receivers or satellites, their dishes pointing upwards and out into the ionosphere, why has there not been contact made? Many reasons.

    Firstly, contact has been made to the appropriate authorities: your government. However, because there are certain military aspects and the need for, as it is termed, a national security, it was deemed that it needed investigation first before it could be told to the public at large. Withholding information was done primarily to ensure that no panic happened within the masses until such time as there was some way to be found to introduce this material so that it would not scare people to death or to riot or to panic.

    There is an incident known as the Roswell incident, New Mexico region in the late 40's, '47, that was in itself a form of official contact. Idea was that a craft went down. The friends of the individuals of the extraterrestrial craft came to retrieve it and were met with dialogue from government officials. At these times, there are information books, literature available that speak of that incident as well as others. You need not believe ourselves when we speak of this, for it is not up to us to prove anything at all to you. However, we do suggest that if you are curious about proving this either right or wrong that you go out and you seek this information and then come to your own understanding and conclusion.

    For our own knowing, we have no doubts, for we have interacted with them. We know that extraterrestrial life form exists, some like yourselves, some different, much the same as on your planet. Some of certain colour and orientation, some of another.

    All of this information is available to you to investigate. Let us assume that you have done all this investigation. You might well ask, "What now, and to what end will this be of benefit?" Merely that the more you are willing to think of yourself as the idea of an expanded entity that is not alone in the cosmos, that there is other life out there teeming, existing, creating, you will begin to sense how in tuned and connected you are to everything else.

    Now, the idea of philosophy is that it instills curiosity, thought, discussion, debating, reflecting that people can do to further get to their own truths. It is something that cannot die or that people stop doing; it is something that you strive to continue to ponder, to explore, to reach out your mind to things that appear impossible, that have looked at long enough and in a certain light and different way may well be possible and that can be possible.

    Imagine the Wright Brothers as they had their idea of a flying ship, a flying object. There had been much talk. Some experiments as well had taken place earlier before the Wright Brothers.

    They had looked at all of this. If they did not reach for their dreams and followed what they had believed in and what they had thought about and talked about, and thought of the philosophy of flying: Why would man want to fly? How could he fly? Are there any social ramifications of someone flying? Would this mean that people would then lose sense of their responsibilities if they could not have their feet planted on the ground? Many ways of looking at the idea of flying. They discussed all of that, but what drove them was their desire to challenge their minds, to reach out, to follow their dream. And that they did.

    Things begin with an idea. Someone had to think of the telephone being a possibility. Someone had to think that they could sustain themselves under water for a long period of time and thereby your submarines were born. And someone had to think that you could reach the stars, and your space program proves that it is possible. It will go through many changes of evolution, yes, but the dream is still there.

    And so with the same spirit of challenge, open your minds to the possibility that you may not be the only creatures in creation, for the Infinite Intelligence, the Infinite Creator, All That Is is abundant in the manner in which it creates. The force, the energy, the unconditional love reaches out everywhere and manifests itself in any and every way. You are part of that creation.

    You will meet your brothers in the sky, you will meet them. Some already have. And to those who still have some small skepticism within themselves, that is all right, that is good. Do what your heart guides you to do, and when you allow yourself to reach into those realms of the unknown, which are not really unknown, for you know what is there. Consciously, however, it is unknown. When you find yourself willing to seek and look for those portals, do not be surprised at the party you will find, and how they will welcome you to have a good time.