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Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 






    Throughout your recorded history there have been many scholars, philosophers that have presented to the masses ideas that they have either formulated within their own consciousness or have taken bits and pieces of an idea and then re-shaped it, re-formed it within their own minds and presented it to the world. And once it is presented to the world, those who hear it have always had the opportunity and choice to either agree, disagree or not to consider it at all, not even to have the opinion to disagree. And in that way, many different types of thinkings have evolved.

    However, if one were to look at all the philosophies, all of the different ideas presented throughout the ages, there would be a common theme, one always reverting to the idea that you need a philosophy. For if there was not a need, then it would not be there. And so it does not matter what an idea means, how it is stated and how anybody uses it, but that there is a philosophy, an idea to be contemplated. Given that, you then begin to sense the necessity for individuals to have within their mind something to think about other than survival, for philosophy is not really geared to survival in the sense of material goods in keeping roof over head and food within the self; it has a different function. So while all philosophers and scholars bring to the foreground, bring to the arena a multitude of ideas and different ways of expressing them, commonality is that it is presented at all and that it needs to be there.

    The question would be why-what is it that drives those to create and present these ideas and those who need them to shape and to contemplate and to allow their existence to have a meaning? What is it? What drives the individual all involved in that play? It is the desire, even more so, the sheer joy of thinking. Not thinking because you have to, to survive, but thinking because it stretches your consciousness. It allows you to dream.

    You see, you not only have dreams of winning the lottery; you do not only have dreams of meeting that one person; you do not only have dreams of being recognized and appreciated-you have other dreams, dreams that create other realities that you are part of. And the philosophy serves that type of a dream, that type of an exercise and experience. It allows you to have lofty ideas; it creates within yourself the idea of separation, the idea of togetherness, the idea of your philosophy being more accurate than your neighbours. It has within itself the material to create all different types of scenarios.

    Now, why is philosophy important? It is important because when you are going to create all of these different scenarios you need a motivator factor, you need something to fall back on, you need something to allow you to ask the question "Why?" "Why did he say that?" "Why did this happen?" If you did not rely on that type of philosophy motivation, you would never ask the question "Why?", for it would not enter you mind. You would just do as if by rote, without thinking too much about what you do. You are trained, you do and you survive. However, even the most destitute or the appearance of the most destitute person will always ask "Why?", will always wonder. They may not know how to articulate it and they may not know how to work with it, but they will ask it, nonetheless. So in that way, you build your different philosophies, you present your different ideas and then there are those that will take that idea and actualize it for you.

    Now, in understanding who you are and why you are there is a simple concept that can be most beneficial. It is the concept that you are responsible for you and every action, every deed, everything that comes to you is something that you felt you needed to bring to you for your own growth, for your own experience, for your own balancing and for the sheer joy of creating, if you want to see them as adversities, adversities, creating all manner of themes.

Now, along with that concept you need to understand the principal that you never die. That which looks back at you from the mirror, that which sparkles in your eyes, that which cries when you see somewhat hurt, that which feels compassion, that never dies-it continues. It creates the body that reflects what it is you need to learn, what it is you want to learn. And when you combine that 'you never die' to all the different things that you have brought unto yourself, you then will find it very difficult to judge or to point a finger at, or to blame. For why would you blame a marvellous entity as yourselves-you have nothing to blame yourselves for. You are magnificent in all that you do, all that you accomplish.

And in future times we will continue to explore many of the facets that are now being actualized in your reality that were once ideas waiting to be created, waiting to have life given to them, waiting to be experienced. It is a most wonderful journey. You merely have to see it that way.    





    With the idea of philosophy and what it means, you run up against certain societies and how they view life. What is life? What gives you that spark? What is it that drives the mechanism known as your body, for the body is made up of physical matter, bone, muscle, sinew, blood, veins, grey matter; it is made up of physical matter. What causes that physical matter to be moved?

The idea of life has been debated throughout the centuries. What is it? Where does it come from? How do you define it?

    The next question would be "What is a soul?" Is there a soul? How does that relate to the body, and what is the mind? Your scientists are finding that memory, which they thought was only stored in certain portions of the brain, are now finding memory throughout the brain. Scientists thought that the brain worked in a specific manner. They are finding that it works in a totally different manner than they thought, that things appearing to be quite random have an orderly fashion to them.

    Your idea of life is altering. Things are hotly debated about life, what constitutes life, when is life to be let go of. What moves you? Many find themselves too busy to think about that question. However, for philosophers who contemplate all manner of things, this is one of the things that they speculate on, theorize on.

    What makes you, you? Why are you not your neighbour? Why do you think the way you do? What drives you? And what drives you is the essence of who you are. The body does not function unless it is electronically motivated. You with your thoughts trigger within the body the mechanisms it needs which are fired by the neutrons within the body to motivate and to move you.

What is, then, thought? Where does thought come from? How can it be defined? And if you did define it, where would it take you? How much more would you know if you knew what thought was? The whole concept of your reality, of your life stems from your beliefs.

What do you believe in? What do you think about? Where do those ideas come from? Where did you learn them? Were they throughout the air and you breathed them in? Why do you have the ideas you have? Everyone has different ideas, yet there is commonality in your thoughts and purposes. However, you uniquely see things and perceive things in different ways. Even if it is a small difference, it is still a difference. You do not feel the same things, in exactly the same way.

    So what is life? What are ideas and what are beliefs and what is thought? Thought is electricity; it is a pulsating, vibrational level that can literally create matter. Your scientists will find this out. Certain combinations of vibration along with passion, desire and love alter the molecular structure and create form. Therefore, there are many levels of form, of vibration, of dimensions of realities.

You are not the only entities in existence. In other dimensions there are countless, countless others. Even in your own reality, your own dimension, you are not the only living intelligence. So where do you go with this information? How does that assist you to understand the philosophy.

    The idea of life is that which consistently and continually seeks to create in whatever shape or form it chooses, it finds agreeable, it finds necessary. You are thought; you are of love; you are of light. You vibrate, collectively agreeing to have an earth plane, collectively agreeing to move through the earth existence, seeking out new experienced, engaging in different scenarios, different roles.

And what is the purpose of all of this? For many believe there is no purpose; you are because you are. To those who believe this, they are accurate, for their beliefs create that reality for them; they see nothing else. Until they choose to alter that perception, it remains their reality. As those who believe that they have a purpose, that they can direct their lives, they also are accurate. You each have the right to create the reality you want through your beliefs because you need to do this.

So what is life? In essence, as the song says, life is what you make it. If you want to see it as not of your doing, then that is accurate for you, that is correct for you. If you want to see it as a broader spectrum of your experience, that is accurate for you, that is right for you. No need to find comparisons about whose ideas and opinions are right or wrong, for in the comparison, life then becomes complicated.

What is life? Life is your interpretation of what you see, what you feel, what you believe yourself to be. That's life. Now, what do you do with this? How do you find yourself moving towards change? Those of you who do not feel you are changing or even want to change, you are in any event, changing.

    Life changes. Thoughts change. Energy moves; it alters. There is no stagnation. If it is perceived as stagnation, it is because a judgment value has been placed upon it, thereby giving it that term.

    So to the philosophical question "What is Life?", seek it out, find your answers, begin to experience, begin to experiment, begin to explore. It is within your hands, within your mind, within your heart. Find out for yourself what life is to you, for that, in truth, is where the importance lies. What you feel about your life, that is what is important.    THE TRANSEEKERS