The Transeekers 

Channeled By

Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 





    The idea of ideas. Ideas are most creative things. What is an idea? Can you hold it? Can you chop it up? Can you change it? Can you alter it? What can you do with an idea? Can you touch it?

    Now, ideas when they first come into your thoughts and mind come as little gifts. If you take an idea and begin to think about it then go out and act on it in whichever way is appropriate for that idea, you then can manifest it and then through the process hold the result of an idea, touch an idea, use it, give it, alter it, and break it.

    At the point that an idea becomes an actualized reality, that is when you can do all of those things to it. Up until that point, it is imagination. Imagination is also a most wondrous thing, for you virtually can take nothing and make something out of it.

    Where do ideas come from? Where do you store these ideas? How can there be so many ideas? And think of all the times you have thought of different things. Your ideas are literally woven into all the different things that you think.

Ideas come from your creative source; they need to come from that source, along with everything else. And ideas are important because they can be used as a bridge, as a reason, as something to hold onto even if it is in your mind.

    Your creative self is part of a plan, part of what you are choosing to do in your physical life, and ideas come to you when they are necessary to be there. You can think of many things, yet many people take a long time to act on many of their ideas, if they act on them at all.

    Ideas are gifts that assist you in moving towards your purpose, that which you have chosen to do. Many people are not sure of what they have chosen to do. They find it difficult to understand where they fit in. At the appropriate time, an idea will come into your mind, and you can either say, "Well, that makes no sense at all." or "That is very interesting; however, I cannot do anything about it." or "That is very interesting. Let me remember that, let me jot that down. That is a good idea. How can it be actualized, not sure yet, but it is a good idea."

    And can ideas be passed on to others? Can you have an idea and then someone across the continent or the ocean pick up on your idea and do something with it? Is that possible? Yes, most definitely it is possible. Ideas are within your immediate realm, for ideas are energy. Energy flows-flows to you, through you to another.

    And can you receive an idea from someone and take that idea and alter it accordingly to how you see things? Yes, most definitely. There has been some speculation as to who truly invented the telephone. Several were working on that idea. Now you pick up a phone and that idea is reality. How did that happen? Where did it come from? And if there were others working on it, why did it reside in the Bell household? What twist of fate allowed that to be? You could have been paying your bills to Mother Jones or Mother Smith instead of Mother Bell.

    Yet an idea will sometimes come not fully formed, for ideas have many different stages. And because the mass consciousness wanted to communicate more effectively and efficiently, there were several who were given that idea of the telephone. You see, reality does not rely only on one person to come up with and then actualize an idea; odds are not that good that that person would take it upon themselves to invest the time and effort in accomplishing that idea. And so it was because Bell had a different vision, a different agenda, and because he devoted most of his time to it in such an intense fashion that it was because of that extra push, that you now call it by that name.

    Ideas-there are virtually unlimited numbers of ideas, and they will float within your consciousness, within your dream state, within your conversations. They are plentiful. When an idea strikes you as being exciting, as capturing your imagination, we suggest that you hold onto it, you nurture it, you begin to actualize what you can, for, through that process, your idea will find form in reality.

If you are very hesitant in your pursuit of your idea that is all right, however, there may be someone is also thinking of that idea and may be more definite about their desire to fulfill it. Even if you resonate with that idea but are fearful about exercising it or taking it to its limit, someone else will take it up. An idea that the mass consciousness wants to have actualized will be actualize regardless of who does it.

    There are many ideas you will receive and have received. Think in your mind all the different ideas, and the ones that keep reappearing. Pay attention. They may very well be where you will find your purpose.    




    There are reason that people need to unravel a puzzle and the reason that people are so interested in getting answers to their questions, for the most overused word is "why". "Why did this happen? Why did that happen?" And while there are many answers to these questions, the point we would like to discuss is "Why the question?"

    In everyday reality, there are a multitude of things that happen, and one would wonder, "Well, can you not just merrily go on your way and not have to worry about why something is happening?" What is the purpose of asking the question why? And what would be the reason that it would be important, in fact, to ask this questions?

    We would challenge anyone to go through a day without asking the question, "Why?" It is just in your nature to be curious, to want to know, to want to explore. This particular behaviour is very crucial to the continued growth of any species that is working with the idea of reasoning things out.

Now, your pets and animals, they operate with instinctive behaviour. Yes, some of them can reason to a degree-slight, and of course we are excluding the dolphins and whales here. But as to the others, there are some who are more mentally agile -monkeys and apes, and elephants have their own idea of reasoning, they are quite bright, and of course you have your dogs and horses and such. However, by and large the reasoning capacity that humans and dolphins have is different. So in this way your animals do not tend to ask why; more, they would ask, "Where do I find my next meal?" and "Where do I find shelter?" So you have your basic needs here that are being amplified within the animal kingdom.

    And yet humans, sentient beings, as you say, always want to know, always need to be doing something to enhance, to explore, to expand their lives. And that is the nature of who you are, and so you will ask your question, "Why."

    Now, you may get an answer sometimes; sometimes you may not; and sometimes the answer you get you may not like. And yet the question keeps getting asked. It is an important question, for it leads to many discussions and many inventions and many, many different ideas.

In this space deemed the philosophy section, we have covered many ideas, many thoughts, many issues. The most important one, though, is to understand that when you say, "I am." you set yourself apart from the animal kingdom. "I am" is a strong point of fact stating very unequivocally that you exist, that you are, that you have a place.

    In your quest for knowledge and in your desire to be accepted, you have been compliant to other peoples' desires over your own. And then you ask, "Why did that person misuse me?" "Why did they overlook me for that promotion?" "Why?"

    Some whys can be easily answered, and some take longer to dissect. Your interest in asking that question can have many, many, tributaries running from it, as a river does. It is all the same thing, but it appears different, for it is in a different stream, different river, yet all coming from the same source. And it is precisely that you want to know that has caused you to keep pushing yourself forward, pushing and pushing and delving and exploring and attempting to figure out who you are. For, in truth, the question why really points to the idea of "Who are you? What are you doing here? And why it is important for you to find out?"

    "Who are you?" can easily be answered. You are individuals who have chosen to forget who you really are. Your purpose here, what are you doing here? Having fun. Exploring all of the different creativity's that you engender, and that are contained within yourself. And why is it important? You see, even we ask the 'why' question.

    Why is it important that you do understand? Because it is precisely your awareness that is being sought-your awareness of your place, of your position, of what you think, of what you feel, heightened to the ninth degree, heightened to even further in order to understand so that nothing slips by you. So that you are perfectly, absolutely, concretely in command, consciously knowing everything you do. And only through that type of examination and acceptance can you open your arms and embrace the new way of expressing yourselves, and that is why it is important to understand fully what you are all about.

    Yes, you can go round and round in circles with the 'whys', however, you can prevent that by not only asking the word 'why' but by listening and then explore the answers. And your answers will come from various quarters-from your mind, from your emotions, from people around you, from the environment, from a book, from a tape, from a movie, and even a television show, from what you read in the paper. It is endless, the ways in which you can identify and further explore all the clues, all the indicators that you have around you.

    And why would you not want to do it? That question will be left until the next time.