The Transeekers 

Channeled By

Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 





    Emotionality, vulnerability, compassion and willingness, all of these terms can be seen in many regards as weak, as a sign that the person who embodies these is not strong enough to present themselves in a very demanding and very forthright way. Yet it is through the humbling, it is through the humility and compassion and love that strength is built and fostered, and growth expands.

    In the area of philosophy, much speculation has been given to the idea of the soul, of the heart, of emotions, and there has been a struggle between allowing the self to trust wholeheartedly or to be suspicious and withhold love, withhold the emotions for fear of rejection, harm or ridicule.

In these debates there has always been passion on either side, and yet in these times of transformation one of the most effective ways to enhance, expand and to accelerate the evolving of the consciousness is through the emotional release of anger, judgment's, jealousies, and negative feelings.

    Consciousness is most important, for it dictates; it provides the mechanism by which you choose either to proceed in a positive way or in a negative way-seeing things in a positive light or in a negative light. And it is not merely that you see things in either the positive or the negative, but you will likely take action either in a positive way or in a negative way, or even decide not to decide. You always have a choice. Until the moment you decide, it is still up in the air as to what will be the outcome.

    There is never, ever, ever a point where you do not have the final say, where you do not make your choice - choices that are motivated and based on your beliefs. Either you believe that you trust yourself and go with the positive interpretation, or you will shrink within the fear element, the caution, the skepticism, the jealousy, and thereby focusing and trusting in the negative aspect. Either perspective is correct, appropriate and valid; you can learn from either. Yet historically it has been that emotionally most will be drawn to seeing the negative, until and unless they instruct the intellect to relax and to allow for more of the emotions to be pursued, more of the positive thoughts to be allowed through.

    Many will in these days experience visions, déja vu, impressions, telepathic communication and the whole idea of synchronistic activities. In the years to follow, when society looks back at this time frame, there will be much speculation as to the choices made and why it took so long to make them the way they needed to be made in order to evolve. This is not to say that the negative polarity is not accepted-it is. However, in these times there is an opportunity to make a different choice.

    Placing much emphasis on the negative, and focusing intently on evil will only allow you to resonate with that energy and draw it to you. It is not that you are being Pollyanish to gravitate and align yourself with the positive, but merely seeing it as another choice, a different way of expressing your Godhead, of expressing your greatness throughout these times.

    Many who postulate about these times will have varying ideas about the real meaning of these times, and all would be correct. All would be resonating with all of the different ideas and belief structures, and all of these different ideas and beliefs would play themselves out. The majority of people, however, are beginning to be extremely focused in the emotions, in the intuitive, in allowing the synchronistic way that things occur to be recognized and to feel excited about these occurrences as they happen, seemingly random, but at just the right time.

As to the emotions, yes, some of them are a little more difficult to deal with, but persevere and as you do so it will become exceedingly easier to let go as you embrace all aspects of yourself.




    In the vast regions of the cosmos there are many planes of existence's, many vibrations that equate to realities and many star systems that do contain other life forms. You are not alone in the universe, yet you are a product of the universe, Your world is a jewel within the universe, it is most precious and your philosophy about the world has changed dramatically from the time you believed the world was flat, to now where you are contemplating the idea of extraterrestrials. It has been an enormous journey and a journey that is going to take a turn.

    In the scheme of the universe and eternity you fit in absolutely perfectly-you are not out of sink with anything. Your ideas have blossomed, your philosophies have changed, rearranged, some have been dropped and some have been added. Through it all you have strived for perfection which has caused much restriction and much seeming difficulties.

    One that strives for perfection is looking for perfection of the earth reality, of you strive for. When in reality what you really are looking for is to accept and to appreciate your own perfection, for you are perfect beings, perfect within the light. It has nothing to with who does something better, it has nothing to do with who wins the game. It has nothing to do with who can perform a particular task more proficiently, it has nothing to do with wanting to be like everyone else, it has nothing to do with one striving to achieve excellence.

    The idea of perfection was one that was presented as a challenge and as a puzzle on how to define perfection and what does it mean. And in these days most who think about it, are beginning to question the idea of perfection. Is it all it's crack up to be? Or is there something deeper to be observed and to be understood.

    How can one who is perfect in every way look for that perfection outside of themselves. In your attempt to learn this better, do this and that a little better, you have set the criteria of an external master whoever that may be. However, you internally and intuitively know the perfection that you are. It is that to the intellect, with all the issue that you have to work through on the earth plane, it may appear you may not be good enough. So you feel that you need to strive for this perfection.

    We say unto you do not try so hard to find the perfection based on what is outside of yourself, when all you need to do is to open your hearts to yourself and to trust in the perfection of creation. Look a leaf, look at a bird, look at anything in nature what is not perfect about it? You are creation. You are perfect. This is not an narcissistic idea, it is not an ego thing, it is instead a knowing that you have all that you need right there inside you for you are self-contained, and self-supported within the support of All That Is, and every other energy, entity, personage around you.

    So dear friends perfection you are the epitome of it, yes indeed you do do things that may not appear to be perfect, that is because you are learning. Be kinder to yourselves for you are perfection and the universe does not ask more of you than to be who you are. Your philosophy tells you this, "To thy own self be true", look into your heart and it will tell you what you need to know. This phase of to thy own self be true, are not hollow words that are spoken by one who did not understand. For these words in there own way were channeled, in there own way they were inspired to present to you a mirror of who you are.

    You are Gods who have forgotten that you are gods, you are Masters who have given up your mastery to those who you think know more than you. Indeed, the next few years will show you your greatness, and as for perfection, we prefer to see perfection as more of an understanding that everything you do or not do is in perfect harmony and synchronously with the progress of your journey to discover who you are. So in this way you are perfect, and we do thank you for that.