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Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 





In the vast regions of the cosmos there are many planes of existence, many vibrations that equate to realities and many star systems that do contain other life forms. You are not alone in the universe, yet you are a product of the universe. Your world is a jewel within the universe, it is most precious and your philosophy about the world has changed dramatically from the time you believed the world was flat, to now where you are contemplating the idea of extraterrestrials. It has been an enormous journey and a journey that is going to take a turn.

In the scheme of the universe you fit in absolutely perfectly-you are not out of sink with anything. Your ideas have blossomed, your philosophies have changed, rearranged, some have been dropped and some have been added. Through it all you have strived for perfection which has caused much restriction and much seeming difficulties.

One that strives for perfection is looking for perfection of the earth reality. When in reality what you really are looking for is to accept and to appreciate your own perfection, for you are perfect beings, perfect within the light. It has nothing to do with who does something better, it has nothing to do with who wins the game. It has nothing to do with who can perform a particular task more proficiently, it has nothing to do with wanting to be like everyone else, and it has nothing to do with one striving to achieve excellence.

The idea of perfection was presented as a challenge and a puzzle on how to define perfection and what it means. In these days most who think about it, are beginning to question the idea of perfection. Is it all it's crack up to be? Or is there something deeper to be observed and to be understood.

How can one who is perfect in every way look for that perfection outside of themselves. In your attempt to learn this better, do this and that a little better, you have set the criteria of an external master whoever that may be. However, you internally and intuitively know the perfection that you are. It is that to the intellect with all the issues that you have to work through on the earth plane, it may appear that you may not be good enough. So you feel that you need to strive for this perfection.

We say unto you do not try so hard to find the perfection based on what is outside of yourself, when all you need to do is to open your hearts to yourself and to trust in the perfection of creation. Look at a leaf, look at a bird, look at anything in nature what is not perfect about it? You are creation. You are perfect. This is not an narcissistic idea, it is not an ego thing, it is instead a knowing that you have all that you need right there inside you. You are self-contained, and self-supported within the support of All That Is, and every other energy, entity, personage around you.

So dear friends you are the epitome of perfection. Yes indeed you do do things that may not appear to be perfect, that is because you are learning. Be kinder to yourselves for you are perfection and the universe does not ask more of you than to be who you are. Your philosophy tells you this, "To thine own self be true", look into your heart and it will tell you what you need to know. This phrase of to thine own self be true, are not hollow words that are spoken by one who did not understand. For these words in there own way were channeled, in there own way were inspired to present to you a mirror of who you are.

You are Gods who have forgotten that you are gods, you are Masters who have given up your mastery to those who you think know more than you. Indeed, the next few years will show you your greatness.

As for perfection, we prefer to see perfection as more of an understanding that everything you do or not do is in perfect harmony and synchronistically with the progress of your journey to discover who you are. So in this way you are perfect, and we do thank you for that.    




It is difficult for the five senses to believe that what is seen, felt, heard, smelt and tasted is an illusion. Together with the idea that you are projecting holographic images are very interesting concepts indeed, yet what do they really mean. How practical is this idea and how can it be fully understood.

The holographic idea is valid, and while you can grasp in your hands what feels absolutely real, the loss of this seemingly real object or relationship can create pain which feels equally real. So the idea of pain, while having a seemingly real point of origin, can be reflecting the mind playing tricks. The conscious mind has its own agenda and is playing it out.

Connecting to the subconscious, the conscious mind and all the other senses are what fuel the subconscious mind. Yet within the subconscious realm is also housed your creativity. This is the creative element connecting you to the higher frequencies.

Now, in using the term 'high' we do not mean better, because everything is vibrating at its own frequency. We mean that literally there is a higher frequency that you can access. When you access your creativity you are more in touch and closer with your higher-self-with that higher level vibration.

Looking at the goals people set for themselves, some have few goals and some have many. Some have high, far reaching goals and some have practical goals. Yet you have been told that it is necessary to set goals in order to move you forward, achieve and be successful. However, goals themselves can hamper your progress.

For instances, in these changing times where so many things are happening there is a sense of urgency for people to achieve more, do more, be more, and so goals are set to help move the individual in a certain direction. However, it may well be that this direction or goal is the idea of the conscious mind, with the origin of this idea coming from learned information and conditioning received as you grew up.

While they may have been the goals you felt you wanted to achieve, there indeed may be another agenda. There may be other goals that your higher-self may have set out for you, which may be more unconsciously reflective of your true purpose in this life. However, as you strive to achieve those goals set by the conscious mind, some opportunities may come along that do not seem to match the goals you have felt you needed to follow, and you wonder what is wrong. You have done everything you could and yet things are not moving.

The reason is that these opportunities match the goals that your higher-self is wanting to direct you to. So when those opportunities come along and they don't seem to fit into the scheme of things, you may be tempted to disregard them. Therefore, in this case, the goals that you felt you needed to achieve, the ones coming from your conscious logical mind, can indeed delay your actions towards the more innate goals set by your higher-self. All the while consciously believing that those goals set by the conscious mind or ego were what you needed to focus on.

Then how does one differentiate between what is ego and the social conditioning, and what the higher-self has in mind for you to achieve? Your higher vibrational energies always present you with clues and information that excite you. Clues that cause you to be curious about something or be excited about doing something.

We do not suggest that you throw away all of your goals in order to follow your creativity, for the ego might feel the need to rebel. We suggest instead that you use your creativity in order to set your goals, so that intuitively the goals you set will be reflecting the inner guidance that you have within you. Thus, you will consciously be aware of all the different levels, of all the different vibrations and of all the different opportunities that are at your disposal. This occurs smoothly and effortlessly when you decide to trust and pay attention to those signs and clues.

Now many believe that in order to be evolved and achieve the higher vibration one needs to sacrifice, or give up material things that they have obtained. This could be perceived by the self as a loss. Now believing that you will lose sets up a reality where the idea of loss will need to be played out.

Because the ego does not want to lose, it will be necessary for the ego to delay that loss and hold back in order not to lose. This idea of loss will be explored more intensively and intimately over the next few years individually and by the collective mass consciousness.

Fear, loss, letting go, taking responsibility for yourself, loving yourself unconditionally, all of these things and so many more will be there for you to explore and to understand. Ultimately it will be realized that this holographic life is indeed flexible, malleable, bending to what ever your emotions and belief structures dictate. So you can understand that what you grasp, while seemingly real, is but a vibration, and if you change your ideas it will change that vibration.

Holding on to the material goods for fear of losing something is a way you use to slow yourself down-thinking that you need more time to work things out. And indeed there is nothing wrong with that, however, realize that there are other ways in which to move forward.

Understanding the concepts and ideas that you are reading about, and now you are seeing more representation more and more within different facets of your life. For it seems that every time you turn around someone is saying something that relates to a metaphysical concept. That is not a coincidence. It is that all the philosophies are coming together and merging. They no longer seem to be diverse as they once were believed to be.

This coming together will bring your collective experiences, talents, and creativity to a place where you will literally be less fearful of letting go. It will virtually make it easier to trust and move with all the different energies as they present themselves to you. You will also find it easier to take advantage of those opportunities as they come to you from your higher-self.