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Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 





    Where to Hide When There is No Shelter    In the discussion of finding your place, of finding out what it is you are here to do, of finding ways and means of developing your talents, many people feel the need, and have conditioned themselves to hide-hide their talents, hide their creativity, keep it locked and hidden along with certain emotions, along with certain feelings of pride in what you do. And many have succeeded quite admirably in creating a personae, a personality that shields itself from exposing all of those things.

    You come into this existence absolutely knowing all there is to know. You have agreed to do certain things, and as you begin to take in all of your surroundings. At your fourth, fifth, tenth month, year, year and a half, twenty months, and so on and so forth, you still retain much of your knowledge although, as time proceeds and progresses, you do begin to forget.

    And what are you left with? In a sense, you are a blank slate. One aspect of you has absolutely no idea what is to happen. The other aspect of you knows absolutely the things that are to take place. Does not know how you are going to react to them, yet there have been items that you have placed on your agenda.

    And what begins to happen is that the blank slate begins to get filled up with what? With comments of those around you, with actions of those around you, with feelings that you receive from those around you. So on the one side you are filling your blank slate with all the things around you, and on the other side you are slowly forgetting all the things you do know that would help you immensely with all of the things that you are placing on the blank slate.

    Yet one feels alien from the other, one does not want to know about the other, one has no belief that they do know about the other, and the majority of that not knowing comes from the portion that feels itself a blank slate. Even with all the knowledge that you have at that age, that young, how could you even express it?

    And so with the blank slate portion of self keeping quite concerned with the physical form, the aspect that knows all about what you are has a difficult time penetrating into that consciousness. From that standpoint, you are gradually reducing your information base about who you truly are, and are increasing your information base on what your surroundings are telling you that you are. As one diminishes, one increases.

    Then you begin to have your conscious and subconscious action taking place because within the recesses of your subconscious, portions of the creative self knows all there is to know, and your conscious mind now has a full array of all of the events and emotions and ideas and beliefs that it has picked up and placed on this blank slate, and now the conscious mind knows who it is.

    And when people say to you, "You do not know who I am. Only my conscious mind knows who I am." "You do not know what I am going through; you do not know what I am thinking." "This is what I am. I cannot change." That is the conscious mind talking about a subject that it knows very well, but only knows it from the perspective of what it has seen, heard and felt from the exterior. And it makes its choices primarily from that information. It has been told nothing to the contrary. In fact, it has been reinforced over and over and over again. Your environment-that is who you are. Look at it.

    If you are not bright enough to compete with someone, then you are stupid. If you are not quick enough to catch on to something, then you have missed the boat. And all through school the philosophy has been given to you in that you need to learn things in this fashion. If you cannot, then you merely are not bright enough.

    And you only have a few choices to choose from, because if you are not bright enough you cannot be a physicist. If you are not bright enough, you cannot be a brain surgeon. If you are not smart enough, talented enough, then all that you are left with are the other types of positions. Nothing wrong with those positions; there is much to learn from them. But when it is time to move on, the conscious mind does not think so because all of your conditioning has been accompanied by fear-fear of what your environment can do to you that will be detrimental to you. "Do not cross the street." Do not do this. Do not do that. All perfectly good reasons why you need to be alert-alert, not numbed by what you feel you cannot do. Alert, not beaten down by what you think you are not creative or talented in. Alert, that is all; that is all the message means: Be alert to your surroundings, not fearing them, not placing them above your intuitive abilities.

    There are many things in your reality that could very easily lead you to believe that you have absolutely no role in this existence, that you have absolutely no talents to speak of, and that you might as well sit and be very quiet and eke your existence out in a very, very calm and non-participatory way. Many do this. They are not wrong; it is that their conscious mind has been filled with only exterior information.

    And if you work with people of this nature, or if you are one of these individuals, what will be the most benefit is information, repetition. For it has taken years of repetitiveness of what you see outside your reality that has, bit by bit, reduced your knowledge of all the things you do know.

There is no reason why you cannot get what you want when you want it without having to walk all over anyone-none whatsoever. However, if your blank slate has been filled with what you cannot do, then that is what you believe. Shift it a bit to what you can do, and apply your energy there. Makes no difference which way you choose; you will learn from either perspective. The difference will be in the length of time it will take and in the feelings of unhappiness and unpleasantness that you will allow yourself to experience-that is the only difference. And, as always, you have a choice.    




    There have been many civilizations that have come into existence and just as quickly moved out of existence. And within one of your most reverent books, the Bible, there is a reference made to, "Those that are first shall be last and those that are last shall be first." And when one examines this idea, there can be many interpretations. However, we would like to submit our interpretation and perspective that may be able to shed light on the many things that are going on.

    The whole idea of those that are first shall be last and those that are last shall be first has to do with cycles, has to do with infinity, has to do with no beginning, no end. And as with civilizations, there are those that rose to great heights and then disappeared. There are some traces of these great cultures; some more extensively documented than others. Yet the people and the power did wane, and those that were first and the strongest became last and seemingly weak or disappeared altogether, and those that were weak came to prominence.

    And so also it is said that to every day there is a season, and to every time there is a point when things in their own natural evolution come to the foreground. And in these times, what is coming to the foreground is what was kept suppressed for so many years, and that is your intuition or your psychic abilities. And though philosophers have disputed this area and have talked about it and postulated on it and even condemned it at times, it has survived, it is still here in the Year of Our Lord 1993, as you say. It is not going away.

    And so those who have endeavoured to understand these concepts, who have researched it, who have investigated it, who have experimented with it are now finding that there are more and more who are waking up to it. You still have those who would criticize this area. So be it, for they have their reasons. One of these reasons is to reflect back to those who are championing forward-the trailblazers, some doubts and fears within themselves. Remember, everything is but a reflection of some aspect of yourself.

    Realize this: the people who are skeptical, who are choosing not to believe, firstly, it is their right and secondly, they are merely reflecting that doubt within yourselves, or they would not be there. And this is part of the evolution. And so those who were last, who were not considered, will now, and are now moving to become first. And as with everything else, though, cycles will continue to be.

    Your Mayan culture understood cycles. Likewise the Incas, the Aztecs, Atlanteans, and so did the Lemurians, Egyptians and the Greeks. For one idea of cycles and how it applies can be seen in reincarnation. And those who were first decided to reincarnate and be last so that they too could understand that experience. It is part of the evolutionary way. For you find it most fascinating to work in that methodology.

    In truth, as you become more and more aware of the fourth density, you will find an increase of people who will be seeing strange things. Your philosophers, those who tend to examine these things, will find it very hard to reconcile the strange events, unless they use the concepts within the metaphysical; unless they rely on that area, they will meet up with unanswered questions.

    And the unanswered questions will serve to point you into another direction. For that road has taken you as far as it can, and it is time to switch onto another road and into another direction.

Many people are learning to choose to look towards a different direction, and in this timing there is an enormous wealth of energy that will help you do this. Do not be afraid of it. How can it harm you? You are the manifestation of God in physical form. How can this energy harm you? For your thoughts play a vital role in what you choose to experience.

    We cannot say this enough: enjoy your time, enjoy this existence. You have all the tools you will ever need to achieve all that you want to achieve. It truly is a remarkable experience. And your philosophers? They will discover that there are more things in heaven and earth than you can ever imagine.