The Transeekers 

Channeled By

Anne Morse

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Anne Morse - The Transeekers 





    In our opening comment we spoke of change, spoke of other universes, and other dimensionalities. In the philosophy of existence, which we are part of and participate in, however, operating within another dimension, another reality. There are infinite numbers of realities, and within each and every reality, there are policies, rules; those structures which allows that particular reality to function as it needs to. And there are realities that are so different from yours that you would not even recognize them.

    In these times of enlightenment when awareness is being expanded, and the idea of limits are being redefined, you are finding that there is more acceptance of all peoples. Now, another area that will need to have your acceptance is the area of what you call extraterrestrials, those that are not of the earth.

    Many people do not believe such beings exist, and that is their absolute right not to believe this. However, there are those who believe it very, very firmly. Those who have, in their own understanding, been in contact with or abducted by or have communications with extraterrestrials.

    Now, for many who do not wish to believe this, we cannot convince you; we would not even try. But for those of you who are curious, interested and intrigued by the notion, we offer our philosophy of our understanding of the meaning behind the extraterrestrials and its impact on earth reality.

    In the beginning, you were not of this planet. In effect, you were of the non-physical. And being in the nonphysical affords you infinite opportunities to explore and live within other realities. You become the life form with all of the necessary structure that is required of any particular reality. Because you are nonphysical, you have-all of you have-existed at one time or another in other dimensionalities, and you would be called extraterrestrials.

    There are certain historical indicators that the earth has been visited by other civilizations. One need only look at some of the markings that have been left over the centuries. Markings of landing strips, famous now, now that you can observe them from above the ground level. How do you think they were made? Why do you think they were made? Well, a few reasons were so that they could be used as messages, as signposts, and as airports of a different sort.

    You also have drawings in caves of figures depicting people who look surprisingly like your astronauts; before there were astronauts. Those people of earlier times would look at these drawings and would be perplexed, for this did not look like anything they understood. But with the advent of traveling into space, these drawings are quite descriptive now-now they are recognizable because you now have a frame of reference. But how were they painted, and why, and by whom? And where did they acquire the image of those figures? There are many other similar indicators.

    Now, to the people who claim they have been abducted or contacted-are all of these people lying? Are they all demented? Or do all of these people have some substance that is secreted within their brain that has triggered these hallucination? However, what is most curious is that all of them are saying the same thing? You see, this is much likened to the near death experiences, where everyone primarily has a similar experienced.

    Now, some would say, "Well, why do these aliens not make themselves known?" Think about it. If you were roaming the galaxy in your spaceship, and you stumbled upon a new and strange planet, what would you do? Barge in and announce your presence without knowing what these people are all about? Or would you be more cautious, for you would have already met many different types of beings. But, you have no idea what these particular beings would be like.

    You would want to observe, and if you find out through your observations that this new specie believed in the devil, believed they have no power, absolutely accepting of everything there authority figures tell them, as well as being fearful of each other, would you as a universal trailer merely drop in and say, "Here we are." We doubt it. You would be placing your life in jeopardy. If the peoples that you encounter are not able to accept each other, fearful of each other, judging each other, what makes you think they would accept someone who probably looks different, who have different technology, and who may be perceived by those on that planet as being more powerful?

    What do you think you would do if you were Galaxy interlopers? Of course you would not barge into the situation; you would take your time. And that is what has been happening. Yet during that time the extraterrestrials have proceeded with a plan of action to make their presence known. Yet because of the necessary precautions that were needed it has required them to be more selective. It does not mean, however, that they do not exist.

    And now we will speak about what has been colloquially termed "wheat field rings and designs" throughout your planet, and more predominantly in England. These are very important markings, and they have great significance. When one researcher hypothesized that, "Possibly these are a way of someone saying 'Hello, we are here.'' It was a most correct hypotheses."Greetings, salutation, hello, good-byes."We're here. Can we communicate?" is in fact one aspect of what they mean. For the wheat field rings are but one of the symbols that the extraterrestrials are using. Researchers are categorizing, cataloguing, cross-referencing the wheat field symbols, and they will finally break the code and understand the message. The highest probability will be before the year 2000.

    And those who think that extraterrestrial activities are going to subside, think again. For you are not alone in the scheme of the universe and existence-not at all. And the philosophy here is that there is more to dimensionalities than you could ever dream of.

    There is more to you, but you will find that out. You are already doing that. This evolution will be another dimensionality of your growth. Your understanding that the philosophy of expanded awareness, inclusion of everything and learning through the positive polarity will create an existence that will be as utopian as you can imagine. It is not in somebody's distorted brain cells, but in the dream reality of all existing consciousness.

    You all have a similar dream, to emerge as a butterfly out of a cocoon that was once a caterpillar, and now can fly. You believe you are earthbound and bound by the gravity, however, you are going to fly. You are becoming butterflies of the universe. It is most exciting.

    Look about you. Attempt to understand all that you can. Drink it all in, and rejoice, for the coming of enlightenment is already here. You are already in it, so enjoy it.    




    We are going to continue with the theme of the UFO's and what they mean in relationship to your life and the life of the earth, and other connecting planetary systems.

    In the previous segment, we spoke about the history of the UFO's being infiltrated and integrated within the earth history. We do need to say at this point that the idea of reincarnation must be looked at if one is to understand the relationship that is about to be demonstrated between what you term aliens, extraterrestrials, and those who are operating within the earth existence.

    And the idea of reincarnation is that while you are here and now, functioning within your life, realize that you have in other lives made choices that brought about such events as the inquisition, choices that brought about inventions, that brought about exploring the unknown insofar as what was known of the earth in earlier times, the idea of Columbus forging ahead to find a new world.

    You have existed over and over again, so that some of the history that you read and learn about in school is very compelling, and some of it is not. In either case you are responding to your being there. Some of you were at the inception of the Declaration of Independence and the forming of the Constitution. Some of you were part of the Confederate wars, civil wars, you were part of the slave trade, you were part of the pirates, you were part of all that history. You have those memories because you were there; you have an interest because you were there, and likewise, with the extraterrestrials.

    In the Bible it speaks of the burning bush that Moses saw; it burned but was not consume. In effect, that was a blue flame of spirituality that the extraterrestrials understood and taught those whom they chose to liaison with. Many cultures such as the Incas, the Mayans, Egyptians, yes, and even the Greeks were partaking of the connection with extraterrestrials.

Your history is laced with interactions of that nature, for you also have existed as extraterrestrials. However, even in that extraterrestrial life, you were part of the earth's history.

    Now, what has this to do with philosophy? The idea of stretching a mind, the idea of creation and all the different ways that it represents itself and all the different ways that you manifest that energy, that creative, intelligent, never-dying, never-ending energy has much impact on philosophy. It also has much impact on how you live, on how you define principles, on how you seek out ideas, and on how you work with them. So your extraterrestrial connection is part of the philosophy, for it was indeed some of the extraterrestrial's ideas that you have taken unto yourself and think of as your own.

    And what is this all leading to, this homogenizing? You are beginning to interact with the concept that you can be harmonious, blending, integrating, and not needing to feel separate, this idea will become more prevalent. And that is what the extraterrestrial connection is all about: bringing other dimensionalities into conscious co-existence with this dimension.

    Separation has been a form of experience and growth for eons. It started even before earth was created. Introducing the idea of consciously blending is to be a new era of earth existence.    You have dealt with the idea of separation of self and spirit, and mind and body, and soul and universe. You are now, on a conscious level, coming to terms with and ultimately bringing back oneness which the extraterrestrials understand, and which you know unconsciously, and are beginning to grapple with and gain some perspective about.    The extraterrestrials, over the years have placed messages here and there. Much the same way you have left the artifacts from other incarnations so that you in this future time can unearth them and say, "Wow! What wonderful artifacts, archaeology is so marvellous, it tells us of the past."

    Having placed those artifacts you knew you would come back and unearth them, and that it would give you the opportunity to marvel at the sequentiality of existence.

    However, you are now finding out that in actuality there is no past or future, that instead you create all of that right from the present 'now'. There is much power in that, which the extraterrestrial also understand. You can manipulate time; you can consciously make miracles; you do it unconsciously all the time anyway.

    So your connection with the extraterrestrials is a long and illustrious history, for you have been them, and they have been you in many different forms. And when you read your history books or when you look at a movie, a reenactment of an historic event, do not think it so far afield, or far from you. And most of the time, you can be sure that you are seeing a reenactment of the different parts and roles you have taken on. That is why it is a living history, for you are witnessing how you made your choices throughout those history records, the very same history that you read, write, and speak about.

    That is the importance of history. Many have said about history within the school structure, "What is history? Why is it important? Who needs to know dates, names, battles?" It is precisely because you were there that you need to know, precisely because of that connection you keep remembering, and showing yourself. That is why it is so important. And the extraterrestrials will, in future time reveal a greater plan, a greater purpose. Some will find it shocking; some will sigh a sigh of relief: "Finally, it is here." And some will be so bewildered, that they will not know what is going on. But everyone will know, in their own way, in their own time, and everyone will then make their choices.