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Systeme Solaire is a Corporation dedicated to the research, design and development of liquid propellant rocket engines for consumer and aerospace applications. We specialize in building the most practical, safest, reliable, simple and low cost re-usable liquid fuel rocket engine systems in the world. We are pioneers regarding the use of safe, low cost, non volatile fuel and oxidizer combinations which are practical and safe for use. Our designs continue to revolve around components that are easy to fabricate and parts that can be readily found. You simply won't find any other engines as easy to refuel and use. They are the best!

Let us be your number one source for liquid propellant engine blueprint packages, rocket kits, technical books and professional consultation.

Build the SS67B-1 liquid fuel rocket!

SS67B-1 features;

Uses regular gasoline as a fuel!
Re-usable! Multiple launch capability!
Simple design! Almost no moving parts!
Easy to re-fuel! Use a funnel!
Uses no exotic metals!
Easily acquired parts and propellants!


The SS67B-1 blueprint package contains complete part & supplier listings, detailed drawings and assembly procedures to construct a liquid fuel rocket capable of reaching altitudes of 5000 feet. Our publication is the first of its kind and there has NEVER been anything like it! It contains detailed information that is being offered for the first time in this format! If you have ever been frustrated trying to build this type of engine, the information you need is here at last!


The SS67B-1 features components that are lightweight and accessible to the general public. The parts that make up the rocket are NOT "space age" so to speak. In fact, the design of the rocket is not what you would expect because its operation is based on a very simple concept. The SS67B-1 works on the principle of using a pressurized gas stored in a high pressure reservoir to force liquid propellants through spray nozzles into a combustion chamber. As a result, the SS67B-1 has no moving parts during operation. Many modern space and missile liquid propellant rocket systems rely on the use of very high speed equipment - such as compressors, turbo pumps etc. The SS67B-1 features none of these things!


The SS67B-1 liquid fuel rocket features two propellants that make up the propulsion system. One of them is the fuel. The fuel is responsible for heating the combustion products to temperatures where there is sufficient energy for the exhaust gases to perform work (ie. thrust). The fuel that is needed for the SS67B-1 is gasoline (preferably super unleaded) that you can buy at your local service station. The amount that is required per launch is about 1/10th of a gallon, costing about 20 cents. The second propellant is the oxidizer. The oxidizer supplies the oxygen that is needed to support combustion. Without it, there is no rocket. Many oxidizers exist that would perform adequately but almost all are impractical for a home-built project. The best example of this is liquid oxygen. It is difficult to obtain, hard to transport and hazardous to handle due to its cryogenic properties. In addition to this, it evaporates at room temperature. As you can imagine, this is a problem when long term storage is needed. The SS67B-1 uses 50% Hydrogen Peroxide as the oxidizer. It is a little known solution that was first used in a more concentrated form in Germany's WWII V2 rockets. In a diluted form, it is still powerful enough and performs admirably as an oxidizer in the SS67B-1. In addition, it is safe to handle, has a relatively low cost (the B-1 needs about $6 worth per launch), is accessible to the general consumer, and has an oxygen content that is comparable with solid oxidizers.


The manual contains complete procedures for the assembly and building of the engine (as shown below). Fully illustrated instructions take you step by step as you go from acquiring parts , to construction, to launching and recovery! Everything is laid out in easy to follow instructions. Full part numbers are given that make acquiring components from manufacturers quick and easy. Parts that can't be bought can be hand - crafted with the help of detailed drawings that contain material sources & describe complete construction procedures. When you purchase the blueprint package, you do not need to buy anything further from us. They were put together in a manner to make assembly easy and simple to understand.

Planning to design your own engine? No problem! "The SS67B-1" will give you valuable insight into the proper procedures, techniques and conventions needed for good rocket construction. It will allow you to acquire knowledge of proven technology that has been used in aerospace applications around the world!

SS67B-1 technical specifications:

Design thrust: 170 Newtons
Burn time: 18 seconds
Total Impulse: 3060 Ns
Design chamber temperature: 400 C
Design chamber pressure: 70 psig
Exit gas velocity: Mach 1.82
Maximum speed : Mach 0.8
Nozzle area ratio (exit/throat): 1.5:1
Maximum altitude: 5000 ft.
Parachute ejection: Induced drag
Fuel: gasoline
Oxidizer: 50% Hydrogen Peroxide
Ignition system: chemical
Dry weight: 7 kg

Rocket Plans! Only $21.95 U.S.

Whether you are a serious hobbyist, an aerospace professional or engineer, our manual entitled " The SS67B-1" will give you detailed information NEVER before offered!

Have you ever tried to build a real rocket engine? The kind that is shown in technical books dealing with the subject? If you have, you know that drawings oversimplify the construction of these fascinating machines and it is practically impossible to find detailed information on building procedures -- UNTIL NOW!

Our plans are totally unique! They are copyrighted with information developed by Systeme Solaire. Not one detailed drawing has been taken from any publication. It is exclusive information. Here is what you will receive;

-Parts with suppliers listing
-Detailed drawings of parts requiring fabrication
-Complete assembly drawings
-Step-by-step assembly procedures
-much, much more!

SS67B-1 blueprint package: $21.95 U.S. ($3 s&h, $5 for overseas). Part number= SS67B-1

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