SS67B-3 liquid fuel rocket kit!

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Systeme Solaire has continued to work on the research, design and development of re-usable rocket engines for consumer and aerospace rocketry. Our company philosophy revolves around a commitment to constantly upgrade and improve our products with more lightweight materials and weight saving designs. When the SS67B-1 was completed in 1994, our goal was to begin improving it. We wanted a version that was lighter, more powerful, more versatile, less costly, and easier to launch and recover. Our efforts led to the development of the SS67B-2, and now, the SS67B-3!

The SS67B-3 has several improvements over previous versions. The kit includes a separate casing for increased flight stability, lower engine weight, increased performance, fewer parts (oxidizer tank and fuel tank have been incorporated into one assembly) and is easier to fuel and assemble.

The SS67B-3 Liquid fuel rocket!

The engine has retained many important features of the B-2. It is completely reusable and the cost of propellants has remained at only $6.00 per flight.

Improvements over the B-2

The safest fuel/oxidizer combination there is!

The oxidizer and fuel are loaded into separate reservoirs before launching. However, to demonstrate the safety of the propellants, the flask to the left is filled with oxidizer (50% Hydrogen Peroxide) and the fuel (gasoline). The combination does not mix due to the difference in densities (ie. similar to when water and oil are mixed). The propellants will not ignite even when in contact with each other (ie. non-hypergolic) and will stay separated!

NO expensive propellant ground support needed!!

Both propellants are liquid at atmospheric pressure. As a result, a small funnel (included in kit) is all you need to load the propellants on the ground. Simply bring the propellants to the launch site in different containers and load the fuel and oxidizer reservoirs by pouring them into their respective chambers! There are no special tanks, fittings, pumps or any other type of equipment required!!

Ground support control included!

To ignite the engine, an ignition control circuit is included! Two timers inside the panel control the ignition sequence. The first timer allows you to move to a safe distance before an ignition is attempted (60 seconds) while the second timer engages the igniter and opens the servo operated valve three seconds later. Power for the circuit is supplied by two 6 volt lantern batteries (not included) or a larger 12 volt source.

Manufactured quality parts and components brought together in one complete package. Kit comes with everything you see below.

Parts description:
Nose cone
High pressure reservoir (500 psi)
Combustion chamber
Fiber-resin casing (c/w fins)
Oxidizer and fuel tanks (500 psi)
Rocket nozzle
High pressure tank main fitting
Lower level fuel check valve
Fuel compression fittings
Servo actuated high pressure valve
Fuel nozzle adapter fitting
High pressure gas gauge
Oxidizer line pipe fittings
Oxidizer and Fuel upper check valves
Oxidizer reservoir lower check valves
Oxidizer and fuel injection nozzles
Igntion control circuit, refueling funnel and much more!

-Parts not included: parachute and propellants (sources are mentioned in manual for these items)

SS67B-3 Engine Assembly

SS67B-3 Engine Specifications:

Thrust: 260 Newtons (57.2 lbs)
Burn : 8.5 seconds
Total Impulse: 2210Ns
Chamber temperature: 450 C (842 F)
Chamber pressure: 200 psi
Nozzle area ratio(exit/throat):2.62:1
Exit gas velocity: Mach 2.4
Fuel: Super unleaded gasoline
Oxidizer: 50% Hydrogen Peroxide
Estimated altitude: >5000 ft.
Dry weight: 4.60 kg (10.12 lbs) (including nose cone, parachute, fins)
Loaded weight: 7.1 kg (15.62 lbs)


As with the B-1, The SS67B-3 works on the principle of using a pressurized gas stored in a high pressure reservoir to force liquid propellants into the combustion chamber (the pressurized gas is released with a high flow servo actuated valve). Once in the combustion chamber, the propellants are ignited and the hot gases are forced through the "convergent-divergent" nozzle producing the thrust. The propellants are stored in separate reservoirs but consist of one assembly.

Ignition occurs with the help of an ignition circuit. Once ignition occurs and the 9 second burn is complete, the nose cone separates from the rest of the assembly due to the drag force of the air on the fins and casing. The parachute (housed in the nose cone) is pulled out by the umbilical cord still attached to the engine. Altimeter actuation of an ejection charge can of course be used as an alternative.


SS67B-3 Rocket Kit (comes with construction manual!)
Only $1498 U.S. (+$20 s&h or $130 s&h overseas)

SS67B-3 Construction Manual (part# SS67B-3A)
Only $29.95 (+$4 s&h, $6 for overseas)

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