Hrothgar's Cool Old Junk Page

A collection of computer and video game related junk.


Personal Computers

Apple III
One of Apple's flops.
Commodore PET 2001
One of the "1977 Trinity".
Dynalogic Hyperion
An early "portable" IBM-PC compatible computer from Canada.
GRiD Compass 1101
The first clamshell laptop.
Video Technology Laser 3000
A very unusual Apple (semi-)compatible computer.
TeleVideo TPC-I
A luggable CP/M box.
Wang PC-002
A monstrous, but easily serviced, hulk.

Symbiotic Computers

A1060 Sidecar
IBM-PC compatible symbiont for the Amiga 1000.
Z-80 Video Pak
A device that provides an 80-column display and CP/M compatability to the Commodore 64.

Office Systems

AES 7100
Office system from Montreal.

Game Systems

Magnavox Odyssey
The first ever home video game system.

I/O Devices

Amiga Joyboard
Amiga Inc.'s funky joystick for the feet.
SMC II Light Pen System
Light pen for Apple II
Voice Messenger - Speech 64
Voice synthesizer for the Commodore 64, from Currah Technology

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