TeleVideo TPC-I

Image: TeleVideo logo

This is the TeleVideo TPC-I Portable Computer. It's a luggable, just like Osbornes and Kaypros. It came standard with 64K and two double-sided double-density floppy drives. I was told by the former owner that this particular machine has been expanded to 128K, which is the maximum amount of memory for this model. Without opening it (something I haven't yet figured out how to do) I have no way to verify this as I don't have CP/M Plus or the manuals for the TPC-I.

Image: TeleVideo TPC-I
Image: TeleVideo TPC-I

Here's another view of the machine, just to get a better feel for it. The handle is visible on the right hand side. Poor lighting has made the photo look a bit cruddy.

Image: TPC-I, bottom

This is what the machine looks like when it is ready for transport. The image to the left shows the bottom of the machine, with the stand snapped out. The machine sits on the stand to keep the face of the machine pointing upward slightly, and to keep access to the disk drives unobstructed by the keyboard. The top of the machine is shown on the right.

Image: TPC-I, top

The power and keyboard cables are kept behind a panel in the back, on the left hand side of the machine. Some other things are also hiding behind this panel. From left to right, along the top, are the RS-232 serial port (25-pin female), printer port (25-pin female), mouse port (RJ-11?), keyboard port (RJ-11?), and eight dip switches of unknown function. Along the right hand side of the image, from top to bottom, are the 115V/230V switch (locked into 115V position), power switch, fuse, and power connector.

Image: TPC-I ports

Technical Specifications

The following information comes from personal experience and from TPCIDEMO.COM on the CP/M 2.2 diskette that came with the TPC-I:

TeleVideo TPC-I Portable Computer

64K, expandable to 128K, plus 32K graphics RAM
4K graphics ROM
I/O Ports:
RS-232, printer, SuperMouse(tm)
Display Type:
integrated 9-in. green phosphor display
Screen Size:
80 x 24 chars.
640 x 240 pixels
18 x 8 x 15-in.(closed)
32 lbs.

Disk Labels

I got three original TeleVideo disks with the machine. I think there were originally more disks, because DDT and a few other mainstay utilities weren't on these disks. Here are (reasonable facsimiles of) the disk labels:

Image: CP/M 2.2 disk label

Image: TeleCalc/Chart-80 disk label

Image: TeleWrite-80 disk label

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