Paradoxal views

In 1999 I decided to explore through art the strange phenomena I had experienced all my life that fed one of my most pernicious psychological complexes.

I am born with [ Mercury conjunct Neptune square Jupiter conjunct Uranus ]. Mercury square Jupiter is my liberating aspect. It has a great flaw, it gives a crisis of megalomania and hubris.

The constant challenge of free will is to evaluate how we will use what the infinite has provided for us. With this powerful inner complex affecting both my mind and my physical brain, it would take years to disentangle my awareness from all the insidious ways the energies of the Mercury square Jupiter aspect sabotaged me. I can only hope that the process I went through to find my true self will be a gift to others even though I know we each have our mazes to figure out.

To create Phenomene Art IV, I correlated certain quatrains from Nostradamus’s prophecies with the events of my life. Because of the morphing in the lines of my hand in 1982 and the definition of the symbols, I took out all the quatrains that had the theme of « Divine Word » or « the Word », and angels.

The parallel to my life was striking if metaphoric. Until 1999, I had not contemplated as a whole those specific quatrains.

I proceeded to place them in chronological sequence to the events in my life and to my awe, the pieces of the puzzle fit to one another harmoniously and in perfect detail to the events of my life all the way to the day I would present my exhibition to the world at Molson Brewery.

There was a phrase in one quatrain that made no sense to me and that I was grappling with: dresser copie de la marche milane.

I looked in history books for a correlation: did an extraordinary event occur in Milan Italy that I had to replicate somehow?

Then it hit me like a jolt! MILLENIUM!

I proceeded then to work on an elaborate series of small Angel prayer rituals at very specific astrological moments for the entire Montreal Canadian hockey season of 1999/2000.

A few years later I would understand the powerful healing that occurred in me, the distilled drops of wisdom I hope to share with you now, humbly.

I looked back and finally recognised everything other people had done for me. It stood out like a miraculous sequence of unimaginable proportions.

First Nostradamus. We have reduced him to the quatrains in his book The Centuries. But he was, above all else, a doctor who would go to any lengths to heal other human beings. This made me recognise that his intention for the prophecies would have to be for healing. Healing humanity of one of our worst illnesses: our propensity for war against each other instead of war against our natural and common enemies.

I suddely realised with clarity that the trucks that annoyed me on the highway were driven by humans who worked very long hours to bring me food and other supplies that I took for granted. That this food, and other supplies, were also the result of endless hours of work by unknown people with joys and sorrows of their own. That my house, including my sofa and my TV, was built by humans I would never know. Even the enlightenment I felt, after my work was completed, was also the result of writers, artists, actors, musicians, teachers, that I loved with my whole heart but that I would never meet because some of them had been gone for so long.

I was so humbled and grateful. The irony of my tale is that my hubris and megalomania were healed by the megalomaniac work of pitting the prophecies against my life.

I did it because I belived it would, at last, make my work understood by others.

Instead I had a miraculous vision of all the hands of humanity working endlessly to keep me alive and well.