Image: Baie d'Urfé sign

This is the sign that used to stand at the side of the road between Baie d'Urfé and Beaconsfield, where Beaurepaire Drive (Beaconsfield) becomes Surrey Drive (Baie d'Urfé). The other signs which announce one's arrival in town are larger and more ostentatious. I liked this one because it was so minimalist. :-)

Date: 1991-08-13

Image: 108 St. Andrews Road

Until recently, the house pictured here was one of the quaintest little houses in town. An old woman lived there alone. I think her husband had built the house with his own hands, many years back. Sadly, the old woman and the house are now gone, and a modern house sits in its place.

Date: 1991-05-12

Image: Path from St. Andrews to Upper Cambridge

Right across the road from the old woman's house is a nice little path which leads to the next street. I can remember when this path was little more than a rut cut by bicycle tires, but it has been widened, gravel has been put down, and it is now illuminated at night. This photo shows an intermediate stage, when the path was covered in wood chips and the grass was mown on both sides, to make for easy passage. This photo was taken in the early morning when the dew was lifting.

Date: 1991-05-12

Image: Fire truck in parade

A fire truck in the Baie d'Urfé Days Parade. We have our own little festival every year to celebrate life in Baie d'Urfé, and our volunteer fire department used to play a very big role.

That's an old fire truck. The town had a fleet of more modern trucks, but this old one was my favourite. :-) Sadly, the fire department was disbanded when the Québec government forced us to merge with Montreal. The fire vehicles that we had at the end of 2001 are now in Bedford. More than 30 volunteers and five vehicles (including a ladder truck) were replaced by four professional firefighters and a single pumper truck. :-(

Date: 1992-06-14

Image: A view out my kitchen window

The view out the kitchen window of my family home (Hi Mr. & Mrs. F.!). JPEG compression has not treated the nice smooth lighting on the snow very well. The snow is mounded like that because we have to keep a path cleared to the front door.

Date: Winter 1992

Image: Ice on a tree

This is ice on the pear tree in our back yard. No, this was not caused by "The" Ice Storm of 1998. :-) It was just a thin coating of ice of no consequence, caused by some warm temperatures which brought rain instead of snow. Things look nice with this amount of ice on them. Things look like hell when they've got 1998 levels of ice on them, because usually they're broken from all the weight.

Date: Winter 1992

Image: Churchill bus stop

This is the bus stop on Lakeshore road at Churchill. The 200 and 211 MUCTC busses stop here. This is where I had to wait for a bus to get in to Montreal to attend university for six years. I now have to wait there to get to work every weekday morning. The yacht club and Berthold Park, where a lot of the Baie d'Urfé Days festivities were held in the past, are behind this bus stop. It's cold in the winter because the wind blows in off the lake. Thankfully, a shelter was built here at some point after this photograph was taken.

Date: Winter 1993

Image: A road at Macdonald College

OK, I admit that this isn't in Baie d'Urfé. It's just over the border, on the Macdonald College campus in Ste. Anne de Bellevue. I think the houses on this road are professors' residences. Poking out over the trees in the distance is the Macdonald College water tower.

I went to Macdonald High School, which is located on this campus, and then I went to John Abbott College which is also located here. I passed by these houses and saw that water tower almost every day. My brother attended Macdonald College itself, and many of our neighbours are current or former teachers at one of these three educational institutions.

Date: Fall 1995


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