Amorph's Friends

This section includes some of Amorph's friends and acquaintances. It is good to have friends, and it is good to have pictures of those friends to help remember them when they have gone off to greener pastures. I am not the pushy sort of person who takes pictures of people at every get-together, so I don't have many photos of friends in my collection. In fact I don't have any pictures of most of the people I know. But what I do have, I will try to post up in this gallery, assuming that they are in good taste. ;-)


People (from left to right): Oddparity (a.k.a. Etrop) pretending to be an airplane; Daemons (a.k.a. Hydra) holding Moose (a.k.a Fat Dom). All were Amiga users that I met on the Montreal BBSing scene.

Location: Toronto, Ontario. I think we were in a bank's parking lot. We were attending the World of Commodore-Amiga show at the Toronto International Centre, and we went out to get some cash. Oddparity did all of the driving during the trip.

Date: 1991-12-07

The Gang

People (from left to right): Tim (a.k.a. Shinobi), Rhonda, Mihkel, Manoj, Eric, Rob, Mylene (behind Rob), Jeff.

Location: On the patio outside Rob's appartment, Ottawa.

Date: 1992-07-01 (Canada Day)


People: Dread Zep (sitting behind computer, on left); one of the Amiga Convention organizers (middle); Sir Nigel Flash, SysOp of Surfside Resort (on right, in blue Supra Corp. shirt). I think the guy in the striped shirt in the background is Jason Compton, editor of Amiga Report magazine.

Location: The Surfside Resort BBS table at the Amiga Convention '95, at the Collège du Vieux Montréal.

Date: 1995-08-20

Note: Dread Zep is sitting behind the actual SSR BBS machine (an Amiga 2000). My Amiga 1200 was set up next to it.


My friend Brian signing the guest book at Ernest Hemmingway's house near Havana, Cuba.

Date: 1991-02-18


Tim (a.k.a. Shinobi), sitting by a fire near his family's cottage somewhere north of Montreal. Note the stylish Concordia University sweatpants. :-)

Date: 1992-07-04


My friend Rob (a.k.a. Tough Guy) with his new car.

Location: Baie d'Urfé, Québec.

Date: 1995 (?)


My friend Rob (a.k.a. Tough Guy) lining something up in his camera.

Location: In the "silver" seats at the end of the hairpin at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal.

Date: 1995-06-09


To be fair, I'm including a picture of myself. I'm the one in the inappropriate beach attire. The guy in the shorts wanted to trade his necklace for a pair of sunglasses, but I think it's illegal to import black coral into Canada.

Location: On a beach to the east of Havana, Cuba.

Date: 1991-02-??

Note: My friend Brian took this photo.

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